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She said that the first sexual encounter occurred in 2015, when the pastor gave her older sister money to go downtown and 'buy some things' .
Back then, we have decided to go downtown for church because from there, we would be much closer to my father's place, whenever we visited him over the weekend.
Trails can be a great way to drive economics downtown but we have to give them a reason to go downtown. Right now we lack that vision!
That meant many families bought a motorcycle to go downtown when the car couldn't be used.
Cher and me head out to go downtown to try on clothes.
You go downtown and see the big buildings, you never actually thought what was inside those buildings and why.
A six-month checkup on initiatives to improve the physical and social environment in downtown Eugene revealed some encouraging trends, but there can be no denying that the city has a long way to go before reaching its goal of making the core area "a safe, vibrant and welcoming place." One challenge, the City Council learned at its work session Monday, is getting people to believe that progress is being made: People who seldom or never go downtown believe things there are getting worse.
"We're going to go downtown with it, where he's got a point of view," Pelecanos revealed.
"But unless you know investors, you don't just get to go downtown and buy a building.
I would then go downtown and take photos while I explore unfamiliar territory.
Sometimes we were allowed to go downtown and visit Mama We lived in a suburb, but it was more .like a little town, nothing like Memphis.
"The college kids have come home, and you don't have to worry that you will miss someone because you can just go downtown and wander around," Menish-Meucci says.
"They want to shop, they want to go downtown, and they spend two to three times more on a trip more than we spend."
Get dolled up with gold chains, or go downtown with cool kicks.