go down with

go down with (something)

To become sick with a particular illness. Oh boy, both kids have gone down with the stomach flu? We're doomed.
See also: down, go
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go down with something

Fig. to be stricken with a disease. Beth went down with the flu. She went down with a high fever.
See also: down, go
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Wrexham FC fan and Ysgol Brynhyfryd teacher Huw Tomos-Griffiths was looking to go down with friends.
He said: "We now have about 40-odd pupils going down to the match aged between 11 and 18 "I was going to go down with friends, but then I started getting knocks on the door from pupils who were wondering if they could go down to the final.
"It is harsh to go down with that many points, they were both a credit to the league.
Crucial to this 99.9998% claim is the fact that McData's products are based on a four-port module design, meaning when one card goes down, only four ports go down with it.
A SCOTS skipper told last night how he leapt into the sea fearing he was about to go down with his boat.