go down to (someone or something)

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go down to (someone or something)

1. To move or travel to a person, place, or thing located below or south of one's current location. My family is going down to Florida for Christmas this year because we're sick of freezing in New York. Hey, go down to Miss Smith's classroom and see if she's got any extra chairs we can use. When are you coming down to me again? I miss you.
2. To fall or decrease to a particular level or degree. You better bundle up because the temperature is going down to 22 tonight.
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go down to someone or something

to travel to someone, something, or some place that is downtown, at a lower level, or in the South. We went down to Amy's aunt in Memphis. Fran wentdown to Tiffany's place on the first floor.
See also: down, go, to

go down to something

[for something] to decline or diminish to some level. His temperature has gone down to normal. Will the temperature go down to freezing tonight?
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'Why those are the ladies-in-waiting playing their games; I must go down to them.'