go down the tube

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go down the tubes

1. To be ruined or destroyed; to be caused to fail completely. My father's company is going down the tubes because of the incompetent new CEO.
2. To be squandered; to be wastefully used up or discarded. All of our savings have gone down the tubes ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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go down the ˈtube/ˈtubes

(informal) (of a plan, company, situation, etc.) fail: The education system is going down the tubes.
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go down the tube

See also: down, go, tube
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Half a century of watching this show go down the tubes and now the death blow.
Craig said: "I'm a staunch Hibs supporter but the same way I wouldn't want Rangers to go down the tubes, I don't want Hearts to go down the tubes, or anyone else.
Other small countries, with less natural resources, do things for themselves and are prospering while we go down the tubes. Why don't we care?
WHEN you have just seen your hopes of being the champion of your sport go down the tubes, then it is hardly surprising that the victim will lash out at anything within reach.
"We are always being asked by the government to co-operate with partners, but just because the funding and the judicial review timescales are not in synch, the project could go down the tubes.
and then unfortunately all your good work may go down the tubes because the last thing they remember is that you didn't follow up on the things you needed to."
ULSTER'S tourism and entertainment industry is set for a series of blows which could see hundreds of jobs go down the tubes, Sunday People has learned.
We're seeing a lot of good ideas go down the tubes because of an unforgiving and unrealistic market.
"Lets face it, the Advertiser is just the latest greyhound paper to go down the tubes including two glossy magazines, the Greyhound Owner and among the dailies, the Greyhound Express and the Sporting Life.