go/walk down the aisle

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walk down the aisle

To get married. I still can't believe that Nora and Scott walked down the aisle—I never thought I'd see those two get married!
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go/walk down the ˈaisle

(informal) get married: I never thought you’d be the first one to walk down the aisle — you used to say you’d never marry!
The aisle is the passage down the middle of a church between the two blocks of seats.
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"She wanted to go down the aisle with it, but I took it off her and put it in my pocket.
Villarin said her father was supposed to go down the aisle on a wheelchair.
Tester told CNN that reports to the Veterans Affairs Committee, where he serves as the top Democrat, allege that on overseas trips Jackson would 'go down the aisle way of the airplane and say, 'All right, who wants to go to sleep?' And hand out the prescription drugs like they were candy ...
Michael is feeling well enough in himself at the moment and he didn't want to go down the aisle and get married if he couldn't make the most of the big day.
I hope she meets her prince one day, but I recommend that she dates for a long while before deciding to go down the aisle again.
5 A SELF-CONFESSED tomboy in her younger years, Cara actually refused to go down the aisle the first time she was a bridesmaid for her aunt, without wearing her football shorts underneath her dress.
I was originally seated in 4C, but the aisle chair was a low, padded rig that wouldn't go down the aisle. So, I was moved to 1C.
Our challenge with candy was assortment and making the experience favorable, to give the consumer permission to go down the aisle and navigate and get what she needs."
But he says he won't be splitting up Yousra's marriage anytime soon and has only had platonic feelings for the elegant star since she decided to go down the aisle.
Clearly, I'm not going to declare my bachelor party as the main reason for agreeing to go down the aisle - for obvious reasons - but it certainly is a rather pleasant by-product.
Danielle said: "The recession has hit everyone hard but young couples getting married still want to go down the aisle in style and have a nice reception for family and friends.
Tweed has vowed she will go down the aisle even if he has to wheel her in a bed.
He has vowed that his bride will go down the aisle with him even if he has to wheel her in her hospital bed.
Her fiance Jack Tweed has vowed that she will go down the aisle with him, even if he has to wheel her in her hospital bed.
WEDDING experts will be on hand at this weekend's Confetti Show to make sure Liverpool's brides-to-be go down the aisle in style.