go by the name of

go by the name (of)

To use the specific name (that is then stated). My daughter Margaret has now decided that she goes by the name Calliope. I'm looking for a man who goes by the name of Whitaker. Do you know him?
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go by the name of something

to be known by a specific name. She goes by the name of Gladys George. I used to go by the name of George.
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References in classic literature ?
Nay, and he told me, too, that the squire had maintained him as his own son, thof he had quarrelled with him now."--"And if his name be Jones, he told you the truth," said the barber; "for I have relations who live in that country; nay, and some people say he is his son."--"Why doth he not go by the name of his father?"--"I can't tell that," said the barber; "many people's sons don't go by the name of their father."--"Nay," said the landlady, "if I thought he was a gentleman's son, thof he was a bye-blow, I should behave to him in another guess manner; for many of these bye-blows come to be great men, and, as my poor first husband used to say, never affront any customer that's a gentleman."
Accordingly I took a double handful of those small, broken, flinty bits of biscuit which generally go by the name of
"But on the seventh day I like to get in touch with my feminine side and go by the name of Molly."
Apparently, he sent out a text just after the birth that read: "He shall go by the name of Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher and he will be a legend." I don't doubt it.
Fresh, also, on American stages will be the four women from the Ivory Coast who go by the name of Compagnie Tche Tche.
Luckily I have the answers and they go by the name of Sunderland (nailed on at 10-11 to beat Everton), Wimbledon (3-1 at Norwich), Bristol City (2-5 v Wrexham), and Bradford (10-3 v Coventry).
We are the only people who go by the name of Mike Davies who live in Pengwern, Llangollen.