go beyond

go beyond (something)

1. To physically move past a certain point. Kids, don't go beyond the stop sign at the end of the block!
2. To exceed the expectations, requirements, or limits of something. I will award extra credit to anyone who goes beyond the parameters of the assignment with their research. The report concluded that the governor had gone beyond the purview of her office in the way she handled the incident.
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go beyond someone or something

to pass ahead of someone or something. I went beyond the place where I should have turned off. Fred went beyond me a half block before he remembered who I was. Then he came back and said hello.
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go beyond something

1. Lit. to do more of something than the expected amount; to go further with something than was required. You clearly went beyond what was required of you. Sharon went beyond the basic requirements.
2. . Fig. to go past something or some place. We went beyond the town and lost our way. They went beyond the turnoff.
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References in classic literature ?
And you also said that the lust will not go beyond his like but his unlike?
As easily as there may be stupidity in a man of genius if you take him unawares on the wrong subject, or as many a man who has the best will to advance the social millennium might be ill-inspired in imagining its lighter pleasures; unable to go beyond Offenbach's music, or the brilliant punning in the last burlesque.
The minority leader of the Senate, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, has urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to go beyond Diplomatic Rhetoric and compel the government of South Africa to immediately stop the attack and killing of Nigerians living in that country.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - President of the Iraqi Forum, Iyad Allawi said that "relations with South Korea should go beyond the stage of visits to benefit from its experience in the fields of industry, development and reconstruction." "Allawi received at his office Han Pyeong-do, advisor to the South Korean president and his accompanying delegation, and stressed the depth of relations between the two friendly countries," Allawi's office said in a statement.
In an interview with US-based broadcaster CNBC yesterday, Dr Mahathir reportedly said that he 'will not go beyond three years' as prime minister, amid the renewed spotlight on his succession plans for Anwar.
'We need our rivals to better ourselves, we need competitors so we can go beyond ourselves,' said Villarin.
'The mandate to us TESDA workers is to go beyond our training centers, go beyond the borders of our cities and go beyond the limitations.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan's borrowing from commercial banks would go beyond $4 billion during outgoing fiscal year mainly due to a slowdown of disbursements from multilateral creditors.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed Iran's compliance with its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal, but has called on the country to go beyond its obligations, Presstv reported.
The government may not be able to go beyond the either the fitment factor of 2.57 times that were recommended by the 7th Pay Commission or hiking the basic minimum pay.
Summary: GDP growth in Tunisia will not go beyond 2.7% in 2018, the World Bank projected in its 2018 report on the Global Economic Prospects.
Chicago, IL, July 26, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Implementation Engineers, a firm that been around for more than 50 years, announces that its services and solutions go Beyond Consulting℠ in many ways to implement sustainable solutions that rapidly enhance business performance.
France will go beyond its initial international commitments to combat climate change following US President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of last year's Paris accord, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.
Citymax Hotels, the hospitality division of the Landmark Group, has reported that its employee engagement programme 'Go Beyond' has yielded positive results.
We need to go beyond the reality that the nonprofit sector employs one out of seven workers in New Hampshire and generates over $9 billion toward the state's GDP.