go beyond

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go beyond (something)

1. To physically move past a certain point. Kids, don't go beyond the stop sign at the end of the block!
2. To exceed expectations or requirements. I will award extra credit to anyone who goes beyond the parameters of the assignment with their researching.
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go beyond someone or something

to pass ahead of someone or something. I went beyond the place where I should have turned off. Fred went beyond me a half block before he remembered who I was. Then he came back and said hello.
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go beyond something

1. Lit. to do more of something than the expected amount; to go further with something than was required. You clearly went beyond what was required of you. Sharon went beyond the basic requirements.
2. . Fig. to go past something or some place. We went beyond the town and lost our way. They went beyond the turnoff.
See also: beyond, go
References in classic literature ?
And you also said that the lust will not go beyond his like but his unlike?
As easily as there may be stupidity in a man of genius if you take him unawares on the wrong subject, or as many a man who has the best will to advance the social millennium might be ill-inspired in imagining its lighter pleasures; unable to go beyond Offenbach's music, or the brilliant punning in the last burlesque.
com)-- Implementation Engineers, a firm that been around for more than 50 years, announces that its services and solutions go Beyond Consulting℠ in many ways to implement sustainable solutions that rapidly enhance business performance.
Remember that we are taught and trained to go beyond memorizing provisions of the law.
Go Beyond is a service experience offered at Citymax Hotels, and encourages colleagues to connect with customers, recognise needs and deliver tailored guest experiences.
The step-by-step directions may be based on menu commands but go beyond simple explanation to show how a superior photo is created using these specific devices.
To start 1 September 2014 and is not expected to go beyond 31 August 2015.
Hacks in this book go beyond surface customization processes, showing how to tweak system preferences, mount drives, and how to work with files and underlying root systems.
Summary: Skhirat - Morocco's new coach Belgian Eric Gerets, said on Tuesday in Skhirat (25km south of Rabat), that his ambitions with the Moroccan team go beyond the objectives set out in the contract he signed with the Moroccan Royal Football Federation (FRMF).
At IMD we are constantly striving to innovate, to move ahead, and to go beyond what we think is possible in order to maintain our world-class standing," said IMD president Dominique Turpin.
A Metro official said, " Trains couldn't go beyond Indraprastha station after 9 pm because of a technical snag.
The company says the site - Go Beyond - features the world's first broadband TV channel to be launched by a car company.
Called Go Beyond, it bills itself as a lifestyle site and includes the first broadband television channel.
Populism" tried to go beyond such automatic reflexes by thinking through, and thereby beyond, contemporary populism.