go around doing

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go around

1. To bypass something by taking an indirect path. Go around to the back if the front door is locked.
2. To circumvent someone or something. I tried to go around Dad by asking Mom for permission, but she wasn't fooled. Is there a way to go around the security protocol?
3. To be able to be shared among a group of people. I don't want to take more green beans if there's not enough to go around.
4. To do something regularly. She just goes around thinking that everyone will love her as much as she loves herself.
5. To circulate. I'm not leaving the house if the flu is going around!
6. To rotate. The baby's been having a great time watching the Ferris wheel go around.
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go around doing something

to move around doing something. She keeps going around telling lies about me. Please stop going around knocking things over. She goes around helping whomever she can.
See also: around, go
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The defence solicitor admitted he had"understated it"before Sheriff Pieri, addressing Battersby directly, said:"If you go around doing this you can expect a custodial sentence.
McGeechan admitted he had "understated it"before Pieri, addressing Battersby, continued:"If you go around doing this you can expect a custodial sentence.
"I think he sees his role now, on the world stage, as an ambassador, someone who's going to go around doing good work and taking life a bit more seriously.
Perhaps, if one is to compare Phelps and Bolt, the American will not go around doing crazy gestures and posing for photos.
Did God go around doing this?" he told the Daily Beast website.
She was part of the Ink Spots who used to go around doing charity concerts.
"They go around doing these jobs and it's amazing what they can accomplish.
Hazel can still remember what David had told her: "When I retire as a project manager for Kodak, I shall buy a motor home and we will go around doing your concerts."
"At the end of the day you can't go around doing bad on people.
"What they (the cartels) want to do is make their sales in secret and make their money, not go around doing odd jobs," Benitez said.
"He just cannot go around doing that sort of thing.
I didn't go around doing more than I would have done because United gave me that honour.