go along with

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go along with someone or something

1. Lit. to travel along with someone or something. Dorothy went along with the scarecrow for a while until they met a lion.
2. Fig. to agree with someone or agree to something. I will go along with you on that matter. I will go along with Sharon's decision, of course.
3. Fig. to consent on the choice of someone or something. I go along with Jane. Tom would be a good treasurer. Sharon will probably go along with chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate!
4. Fig. to play along with someone or something; to pretend that you are party to someone's scheme. I went along with the gag for a while.
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Ironically, then, Blair's decision to go along with a war he rightly saw as inevitable was in the end a boon to progressives, as the prime minister's leading role on the world stage has helped move forward many of the issues they care deeply about.
Most athletes will understand the pull of teammates and the lure of belonging to a team, which would make most of us weak enough to go along with the group even if the group is not doing what's right.
Chapters recommend varieties which will grow most successfully in the home, discuss care from potting and feeding to humidity, and provide a wealth of gorgeous illustration to go along with the advice.
The very young receive animal sounds to go along with their fun story line.
Over 2,500 people were there to watch the film, eat free food, drink free liquor, and observe all the crazy antics that go along with a good party.
If the Oklahoma school officials go along with your suggestion, it will not surprise me if the Christian kids in the Muslim girl's school start wearing outlandish crosses or other Christian symbols.
The College Board and representatives of the People's Republic of China will create an exam in Chinese language and culture to go along with an Advanced Placement course launching in fall 2006.
He challenged Republicans - including Assembly Republican Caucus chairman Tony Strickland, R-Camarillo - to either go along with his budget proposal or work toward compromise.
But Bush's attitude toward the United Nations became altogether clear on September 12 when he told the United Nations that it must go along with his war on Iraq or render itself "irrelevant.
Go along with her story, but drop subtle hints that there's more than meets the eye: "Yeah, well, I can't say what happened.
Rob was happy to go along with the type of wedding I wanted.