go along with

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go along with (someone or something)

1. To follow along with someone or something; to act in accordance with another's actions, especially when their motive or goal is unknown. If the cops show up at the house because the party's too loud, just go along with whatever I say. I'm going to play a prank on Jenny when she walks in. Just go along with it, OK?
2. To accompany or join someone. Can I go along with you to the mall? I need to get a new alarm clock.
3. To participate or cooperate in an activity or scheme. I'm sorry, but I can't go along with this. It's wrong.
4. To be in harmony or agreement with something. Unfortunately, the information we learned does not go along with the doctor's claims.
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go along with someone or something

1. Lit. to travel along with someone or something. Dorothy went along with the scarecrow for a while until they met a lion.
2. Fig. to agree with someone or agree to something. I will go along with you on that matter. I will go along with Sharon's decision, of course.
3. Fig. to consent on the choice of someone or something. I go along with Jane. Tom would be a good treasurer. Sharon will probably go along with chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate!
4. Fig. to play along with someone or something; to pretend that you are party to someone's scheme. I went along with the gag for a while.
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Ironically, then, Blair's decision to go along with a war he rightly saw as inevitable was in the end a boon to progressives, as the prime minister's leading role on the world stage has helped move forward many of the issues they care deeply about.
Most athletes will understand the pull of teammates and the lure of belonging to a team, which would make most of us weak enough to go along with the group even if the group is not doing what's right.
He does not go along with everything Ali G says (he firmly objects to the term ho, for example), but he's a good sport.
But Bush's attitude toward the United Nations became altogether clear on September 12 when he told the United Nations that it must go along with his war on Iraq or render itself "irrelevant."
Rob was happy to go along with the type of wedding I wanted."