go across to

go across (something) to (someone or something)

To traverse something and reach someone or something on the other side. We need to go across the river to Mom and Dad. Be careful going across that narrow bridge to the other side of town.
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go across something to someone or something

to cross something to someone, something, or some place on the other side. We went across the bridge to the island. We came upon a little footbridge and went across to the other side. Timmy went across the street to his mother.
See also: across, go, to
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"The supporters who are paying to go across to Blackburn want to see the team have a go and, certainly in the games that I've been here, the attitude, application and effort of the players can't be faulted."
After riding at Haydock he'll then go across to Ireland.
"He'll probably go across to his family in Ireland, have a break and come back a fresh jockey.