go across

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go across (something)

to cross something, such as water, a bridge, land, the ocean, etc. We went across the ocean in just three hours. How long did it take you to go across?
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When you go across the board, this team has more weapons than any other team.
I thought you had to ride round them, but it seems it's OK to go across as long as you don't skittle the marker cones.
Today, more and more people know that they don't have to go across the bay to get low fares and great service," said Rick Larsen, ATA's Vice President of Advertising and Sales.
Instead of having to go across campus to deal with the business office, now he can just walk down the hall.
Consumers can now use their Web-enabled phones to quickly access up-to-date personal finance information, including bank, brokerage and credit card accounts, everywhere they go across the United States.
We've seen it go across the West and we've been preparing ever since that point.
Because the PacketStream DSM is hardware-based, it can categorize the entire 100 Mbps Ethernet connection, and then queues and conditions traffic to go across each link.
Flavio Montes, 13, was hit by a car after another car had stopped for him in the middle of a block and its driver gestured to him to go across the street, deputies said.
For example, when an HR professional wants to find the latest information about employment law, or an accountant needs resources on estate planning, Pro2Net lets them go across traditional professional boundaries to find exactly what they're looking for.
Competition in our industry is driving people to be more diversified, so when we go across the street, we want to bring in a gymnastics center, martial arts and make it a multipurpose family fitness center.
Internet Sidekick then sends the group event to the participants using Internet e-mail so that scheduling messages can go across platforms, across firewalls, and across time zones-and reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.
You can't take a broad paint brush and go across - under 8 or under 10.
I wish we could go across the street to the park and finish this off,'' Matalon said.
We would go across to the elementary school football field, and he would put me through quarterback drills to make me better.
Because we had a long way to go across country,'' he grinned.