go above

go above (someone or something)

1. Literally, to travel or move over someone or something. The kids squealed in delight as the kite went above their heads.
2. To engage with someone's superior rather than dealing with them directly. She just wouldn't listen to me, so I had to go above her to her boss and complain about it.
See also: above, go
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go above someone or something

to travel over someone or something. The model airplane swooped low right at us but went above us at the last minute.
See also: above, go
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References in classic literature ?
"Not if you go above, on the second floor," she answered with a little startled air, as if she had rather taken for granted I would know my proper place.
You didn't hear him either come or go above our heads.
"It fills me with pride to know that we have officers such as PCSO Bell who are willing to go above and beyond to keep the public safe."
A RAIL passenger joked he was stuck in a British parody of Speed when his train was unable to go above 10mph.
"By showing that we value their time and commitment to consistently go above and beyond, we hope to inspire those in the industry to always strive for excellence in what they do."
The Scottish Health Awards celebrate the NHS staff, support workers, volunteers and specialist teams who go above and beyond to provide exceptional care and support to their patients.
The awards celebrate the many ways people from right across Wales go above and beyond to help the local diabetes community.
Organised by Avenue Services and the Blacon Awards Committee, the Blacon Community Awards 2019 will honour inspirational residents of all ages who go above and beyond to make a positive difference to the local community.
We're really Sean for to go above his job role police and of Mike The suspect disappeared, but Sean was able to tell shop staff and police where the man's car was parked, and when the same man returned to his car shortly afterwards he was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting.
Her history in the industry speaks to her expertise, ability to cultivate relationships, and drive to go above and beyond for her clients.
Her leadership manifests itself daily through her deeds, particularly her willingness and commitment to go above and beyond her job description to support team members."
The Dyip squad (3-3), meanwhile, looks to go above the .500 once again.
"They shine bright with leadership and go above and beyond with compassion, similarly like stars in the sky are bright and shine above us."
'The price of ugali will not go above Sh115 and in the event this happens, we will obviously summon the state departments in charge to answer questions,' the Mandera South MP said.
'Land Rover is all about the spirit of adventure, and showing your grit and determination to go above and beyond.