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1. slang Awesome; fantastic; excellent; extreme. Primarily heard in US. Whoa, dude, that was a gnarly wave you caught on your surfboard out there! That was a gnarly read—really ahead of its time!
2. slang Gruesome; extremely unpleasant. Primarily heard in US. The accident left a pretty gnarly gash on his thigh. I know I've got a pretty gnarly face, but I think I would make a really good husband if someone could look past it.


mod. extreme; excellent; great; superior. (California.) This pizza is too gnarly for words!


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A Year 3 class plays a game of Nearest to the Gnarly Number targeting 100.
Gnarly Nutrition is thrilled to have such a strong and supportive athlete join their team of ambassadors.
Alison Fitzjohn playing Boudicca as the gnarly feminist; Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, below, are back in Spider-Man 3 at cinemas everywhere
Color Wave markers come in eight colors including Hang Ten Red, Blue Wave, Pipeline Green, Sun Ray Yellow, Coral Orange, Gnarly Purple, Sandy Brown and Black Shades--all in a reusable plastic storage box.
This isn't what John the Baptist had in mind when he dispensed advice to those who came to him with that gnarly question: "What should we do?
They performed some of the same tests for neurodegenerative disease that other researchers previously tried with brains of aged humans, sheep, goats, bears and wolverines (the gnarly animals, not the University of Michigan football team).
Then add some gnarly twigs--like the pod-laden phormium stalks shown above--from your garden or a craft or floral supply shop among the plants.
Love, whose band Hole split in 2002, said: "I feel like I'm getting my creativity back and that I've put a very gnarly drug problem behind me.
Gnarly, Orange Grove, The Blue One, and Bouncy, works in purple, orange, blue, and black, respectively, adopted the paintings' anal-erotic forms, but reduced them to a more intimate and affecting scale.
We grow lovely berries, not the gnarly little things with worm holes I had expected.
But before he can make it to the altar, he winds up inadvertently hitched to a gnarly ghouly-girl.
Its ambitions betrayed by its pretensions, One Point 0 aspires to the gnarly nightmarishness achieved by Brad Anderson's The Machinist.
While I chastised myself for expecting our captain to be a gnarly, weather-beaten Robert Shaw in Jaws stereotype, upon meeting him I was pleased to discover he actually was, in every respect.
But, as Chanoff pointed out, even though the landscape is shifting toward the positive, the environment is still pretty gnarly.