glutton for punishment

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a glutton for punishment

A person who continues to do things whose consequences they find difficult or unpleasant. I couldn't wait to finish college, but I soon found myself in grad school. I must be a glutton for punishment. Why does George keep getting detention? Is he a glutton for punishment?
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glutton for punishment

Fig. someone who is eager for a burden or some sort of difficulty; someone willing to accept a difficult task. Tom works too hard. He is a glutton for punishment. I enjoy managing difficult projects, but I am a glutton for punishment.
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glutton for punishment

Someone who habitually takes on burdensome or unpleasant tasks or unreasonable amounts of work. For example, Rose agreed to organize the church fair for the third year in a row-she's a glutton for punishment . This expression originated as a glutton for work in the late 1800s, punishment being substituted about a century later.
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glutton for punishment, a

A masochist, a person who seeks out odious or onerous tasks, or habitually takes on more than is reasonable. The earliest version of this term was a glutton for work and dates from the latter part of the nineteenth century. It was used by Kipling in his story A Day’s Work (1895): “He’s honest, and a glutton for work.” Whether work is viewed as punishment or not is clearly up to the viewer. The OED, which cites a glutton for punishment only in 1971, makes no such judgment.
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X FACTOR judge LOUIS WALSH must be a glutton for punishment - he's holding auditions for a new Irish girl band next week.
Dave said: "I must be a glutton for punishment as I've now completed this event seven times and it is just as gruelling as ever but the sense of achievement is phenomenal.
Funk must be a glutton for punishment, coming back for more after missing the cuts on his only two cracks at Heron Bay, but he will be 30 yards behind Tim Herron off the tee, which is too much to give away on a slogging course like this one, and Stan James' 9-10 for Lumpy is worth a lump.
Jonathan said: "I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment.
I'm either a glutton for punishment or in need of fresh festive anecdotes, but I'm thinking of inviting the in laws back.
A cover charge buys you entrance to four venues, though you'd have to be a glutton for punishment to try them all.
YOU really were a glutton for punishment in the past.
After talking to people at the club and agreeing to join, I explained how I must be a glutton for punishment,'' Addison joked.
I'm a glutton for punishment and you have just got to get on with things.
TALKING of grillings, Ian Taylor, the club's ambassador, became a glutton for punishment with a meat-eating challenge during the tour.
COVENTRY estate agent Sean Newman is a glutton for punishment.
The prospect of facing such a strike-force might prompt some to think McPake is a glutton for punishment so soon after enduring the misery of Hibs' 5-1 Scottish Cup Final defeat by Hearts.
But it seems Ronnie Wood's new missus, Ana Araujo, is a glutton for punishment.