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glut (someone or something) with (something)

To fill someone or something with an excessive amount of something. Thanks a lot for glutting the folder with invoices—now I can't find anything. Mom, please don't glut the kids with snacks today, OK? I'd really like it if they ate their dinner.
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glut on the market

Something that is not in great demand because it is abundantly available. Mobile phones are a glut on the market these days, which is why they're so affordable.
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a drug on the market

 and a glut on the market
something that is on the market in great abundance. Right now, small computers are a drug on the market. Twenty years ago, small transistor radios were a glut on the market.
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glut someone or something with something

to overfill someone or something with something. The hungry lions glutted themselves with the meat of their recent kill. Sally would glut herself with doughnuts, given the chance.
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a drug on the market

an unsaleable or valueless commodity.
Drug in the sense of ‘a commodity for which there is no demand’ is recorded from the mid 17th century, but it is not clear from the word's history whether it is the same word as the medicinal substance.
1998 Spectator Merchant banks are a drug on the market these days.
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From a labyrinth of alleys glutted with souvenir shops, you are drawn on by the sound of water into a compact piazza dominated by an extravagant Baroque stage set of creamy travertine sluiced by foamy rivulets of plunging spume.
With an eye toward boosting its meat sales in a glutted industry, the North American Bison Cooperative, New Rockford, N.D., has purchased Denver-based New West Foods, which sells bison meat in retail grocery stores.
It's not just industrial space that's glutted, Eugene appraiser John Brown said.
"Argentina is glutted with electricity as is northern Chile," says Jason Feer, editor of Latin American Power Watch, a newsletter based in Washington, D.C.
By the time he was fired in January 1989, he had glutted himself with company funds, helping to plunge the firm deeper in debt.
The "virtual office" and perhaps "hoteling" are concepts that not only do not work for most people, but also make little sense in today's glutted office market.