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glut on the market

Something that is not in great demand because it is abundantly available. Mobile phones are a glut on the market these days, which is why they're so affordable.
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a drug on the market

 and a glut on the market
something that is on the market in great abundance. Right now, small computers are a drug on the market. Twenty years ago, small transistor radios were a glut on the market.
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glut someone or something with something

to overfill someone or something with something. The hungry lions glutted themselves with the meat of their recent kill. Sally would glut herself with doughnuts, given the chance.
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a drug on the market

an unsaleable or valueless commodity.
Drug in the sense of ‘a commodity for which there is no demand’ is recorded from the mid 17th century, but it is not clear from the word's history whether it is the same word as the medicinal substance.
1998 Spectator Merchant banks are a drug on the market these days.
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Of course knowing the size of the glut is only one part of the equation.
In the words of one Glut Cooperative customer: "When, from the future, we look back and explain how we got this far and how we did so well, not as individuals but as a community, [we] will find that Glut was more than a store; it was a historically significant idea.
Bernanke (2010), on the other hand, disagreed with the Taylor's view and instead pointed the blame toward structural factors, such as the global saving glut, changes in regulations regarding GSEs, and the rapid pace of innovation in the mortgage market.
The alternative theory -- of a global credit glut -- gained more ground with the release last week of the Financial Stability Board's report on shadow banking.
spending spree" has rescued the world from the stagnation that the savings glut would have otherwise caused.
Ask network executives and those working on these shows whether the glut in serialized programs could be problematic, and you get a range of answers, most trying to put a happy face on the coincidence.
Insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes is manifested by decreased insulin-stimulated glucose transport and impaired metabolism in adipocytes and skeletal muscle, resulting in down-regulation of the major insulin-responsive Glut, Glut-4 (Kellerer and Lammers, 1999).
The Justice Department apparently hopes to use the search engine records to establish that parental control filters aren't able to handle the smut glut that lies a mere "I'm Feeling Lucky" click away.
So many houseplant guides glut the market that it may initially seem difficult to see the need for yet another--but here's something different, offering color photos, a plant ID guide to help those who receive 'mystery houseplants' as gifts, details on low-maintenance plants, and an A-Z of care basics for quick and easy access.
Digital Manga Publishing is also unleashing a glut of BL titles, including Jazz, about a doctor-patient relationship crossing the line; La Esperanca, a tense schoolboy drama; and Our Kingdom, a romance between boys from different backgrounds.
The Hiram Bingham's 84 passengers arrive long after the morning glut of tourists and get to wander through the ancient city for hours after other visitors have departed.
Hartley Multimaki, vice-president of planning and development for the Buchanan Group, says that, while there may be a glut of finished product in the market, there are serious shortages of round wood in Ontario.
According to a comprehensive report on the crisis released last year by Oxfam International, there are now more than 40 million excess bags of coffee on the market--more than double the excess coffee in previous gluts--and perhaps the worst coffee glut in history.
IN BRIEF: The office space glut has pushed Tokyo landlords to offer as much as a half year of free rent to lure businesses to vacant office space.