glued to

glue (something) to (something)

To use glue to adhere something to something else. Have you glued those pictures to the poster yet? The contractor is gluing the kitchen tiles to the plywood now.
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glued to (someone or something)

1. Following or staying very close to someone, especially in an annoying or clingy way. We thought Sarah would love the freedom of running around the beach on her own, but she's been glued to us all day.
2. Giving something one's complete attention, and ignoring everything else. He's been glued to that book for the entire camping trip. I wish he would take a break and enjoy the scenery. Conor's kids are always glued to the television. They don't even say hello when we come over.
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glued to someone or something

Fig. following someone everywhere; very close to or touching something. His little sister was glued to him all afternoon. Finally he sent her home.
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References in classic literature ?
HUNCA MUNCA tried every tin spoon in turn; the fish was glued to the dish.
The poor boy still clung on as if glued to the glass by his blood-stained hands.
But to speak the truth, imprisoned in these heavy garments, and glued to the deck by my leaden soles, it was impossible for me to take a step.
So you're left with a lamp base that didn't glue to the Lucite and with Lucite glued to the wooden cabinet.
(True.) Or the story of the prank that found a McDonald's customer glued to a toilet seat.
Make an apron from a rectangle of white paper glued to the front of the cup and a strip of white paper glued around the middle of the cup at the top of the rectangle.
Fire chiefs have condemned a dangerous prank in which a boy was left glued to a lamp-post after dark.
The deck itself consists of 1/4- by 1-inch ripped redwood strips glued to 1/4- by 3/4-inch "joists" spaced 5 inches apart.
It's glued to the back of the plate with decoupage paste.