glued/rooted to the spot

glued to the spot

Unable to move, usually due to fear or surprise. Primarily heard in UK. I wanted to run when I saw the car headed towards me, but my legs just wouldn't move—I was glued to the spot.
See also: glue, spot

rooted to the spot

Unable to move from the place where one is standing or situated, usually because of intense fear or shock. I stood rooted to the spot for a minute after seeing the two cars collide across the street. As I turned the corner, I saw that I was barreling toward a deer that was rooted to the spot.
See also: root, spot
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*rooted to the spot

Fig. unable to move because of fear or surprise. (*Typically: appear to be ~; be ~;become ~.) Jane stood rooted to the spot when she saw the ghostly figure. Mary stood rooted to the spot when the thief snatched her bag.
See also: root, spot
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rooted to the spot

Not moving, especially owing to some strong emotion. For example, When the truck bore down on the dog, he was terrified and stood rooted to the spot. This idiom likens the roots of a plant to a strong feeling that keeps one from moving.
See also: root, spot
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ˌglued/ˌrooted to the ˈspot

not able to move, for example because you are frightened or surprised: He shouted at her to run, but she just stood there, glued to the spot.She stood there rooted to the spot when she saw the body.
See also: glue, root, spot
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