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Fold each pennant over jute or ribbon and glue together with fabric glue.
Layer the letters so they overlap slightly, spelling out the word Dad, and glue together.
Punk Rock and trepidation never did glue together but The Bronx have been playing Glasgow since 2003 (I was there) and the familiar static of excitement and fun has remained.
More often, vendors simply 'glue together' two dual-socket server blades, which can lead to I/O bottlenecks, says the company.
Russell Stewart, one of the scientists who worked on the new glue, says that in the same way the sandcastle worm glues together grains of sand, surgeons may be able to glue together broken bones.
The inch-long marine worm had to overcome several adhesive challenges in order to glue together its underwater house, and its ingenuity has served as a recipe for Stewart's research team in developing the synthetic adhesive.
To make a pattern, screw and glue together two pieces of 3/4-in.
Airfix, which has produced model planes, ships and tanks for generations of children to glue together, faces closure after its parent firm Humbrol went into administration.
Quarks are the building blocks of protons, neutrons, and more-exotic entities, whereas gluons are massless particles that glue together quarks.
The tiles slip over reinforcing bars embedded in the concrete base and glue together with concrete mastic.
Glue together the open flaps of circles 5 and 6 that are next to each other.
With the folds back-to-back, tape or glue together two trees.
Mix one spoonful of water and one spoonful of glue together in the cup.
I am a graduate and have just finished a degrading year-long employment scheme where you are placed on basic reading and writing courses, attend "alphabet days" (J is for Job), make silly skyscrapers from rolled up newspapers, glue together liquorice allsorts with icing sugar and are given advice on how to go self-employed using the approximate pounds 50 you get on the dole - all overseen by inexperienced sales advisers who are being paid handsomely to play nursemaid.
Yorkshire Forward chairman Terry Hodgkinson, who has firsthand experience of the sector, said: "The CSN will be an industry led strategic organisation that will glue together all the fragmented strands of the construction industry in our region and provide focus, leadership and direction.