glue on

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glue on(to) (something)

To use glue to adhere something to something else. When "on" is used, a noun or pronoun can be used between "glue" and "on." Have you glued those pictures onto the poster yet? No, it's fine, I'll glue the lace on.
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glue something on(to) something

 and glue something to something; glue something on
to attach something to something else with cement. Please glue the binding onto this book. Someone pulled it off. Please glue on the binding.
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References in classic literature ?
Here, after considerable search, and sympathetic questions as to what he wanted it for, and whether ordinary flour paste wouldn't do as well if she couldn't find it, the widow Homan finally hunted down her solitary bottle of glue to its hiding-place in a medley of cough-lozenges and corset-laces.
"A balloon," said Oz, "is made of silk, which is coated with glue to keep the gas in it.
Usually, soap-bubbles are frail and burst easily, lasting only a few moments as they float in the air; but the Wizard added a sort of glue to his soapsuds, which made his bubbles tough; and, as the glue dried rapidly when exposed to the air, the Wizard's bubbles were strong enough to float for hours without breaking.
The instructions say to scuff up shiny surfaces, such as metal or some plastics, then mist one surface with water, apply glue to the other surface, and clamp them securely for at least one to two hours while the glue cures.
Simply apply glue to the center of the underside of the plate and attach to the top of the candlestick holder.
Compressing the glue between the release paper and the bottom film with a compressing roller which is preloaded by a spring; wherein the absorbent pad passes through a gap between the compressing roller and the knife chisel; thereby firmly adhering the glue to the bottom film of the absorbent pad and completing the adhesion of the glued release paper and the bottom film of the absorbent pad; wherein the compressing roller is a silicone roller.
Simply apply glue to the edges of one or both boards and rub them together to help spread the glue evenly before clamping.
Recent spots from SBC Advertising portray a new generation of glued-together gambits--using Krazy Glue to fasten window washers to their high-rise buildings and jumpers to their bungee cords.
The new system replaces the core glue pot with a traversing nozzle to apply glue to the cores on a rotating spindle.
If necessary, add a bit of glue to keep the collar in position.
Next try to scrape away at the glue to ease it off.
But after a nurse applied a special medical glue to seal the gash instead of stitches, the youngster suddenly started screaming out in pain.
When surgeons operate on a person to repair broken bones, for example, they may be able to use the new glue to hold the bones together.
5) Cut six pieces of ribbon long enough to crisscross diagonally across the board, and glue to the back of the board.
My method uses glue to hold the transplanted seedlings in place.