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glower at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something with anger or disapproval. She won't come out and say it, but I can tell she's angry by the way she's glowering at me. Julian glowered at his car when it failed to start.
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glower at someone or something

to scowl intently at someone or something. The judge glowered at the irate witness until order was restored. Fred glowered at the painting of his uncle, hating the subject of the picture.
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MENACING PRESENCE Ralph Fiennes glowers with intent as Lord Voldermort
The four largest sellers were Bert and Janie Treadway, Billy and Margie Treadway and Robert and Bobyejo Treadway, $133,000 in April 1980; Betty Farabee and Elizabeth Farabee Stokes, $80,000 in September 1973; Merle and Patricia Boyer, $30,000 in February 1982; and Wanda Glowers, $28,000 in October 1981.
Than ivory and glowers Beside those cans as if it might Batter them into urns or kettledrums.
In Dining Room (Francis Place) (I), 1997, a portrait of an archetypal Victorian father glowers at the impudent intruders.
Those that succeeded did so in a climate where "the world glowers at them ever more menacingly, but has not yet found a way of dispensing with their services." It is obvious, Fortune concluded, "that American business is losing its taste for foreign adventure."
Game Of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau glowers away as Jacob, a stockbroker whose drink driving causes his life to spin in the wrong direction.
Patrick O'Kane glowers and spits his way through the title role with commendable energy but little psychological depth.
The same production of Snow White was at the Richmond Theatre in Surrey last Christmas and a national newspaper critic wrote: "Lesley Joseph glowers magnificently as the Wicked Queen".
It's not very cool, when every trendy pop idol glowers out from the screen menacingly.
Every sky glowers, creates a feeling of torpor, as if one were waiting for a thunderstorm.
The late James Gandolfini glowers malevolently in this heavy-hitting prison drama.