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glower at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something with anger or disapproval. She won't come out and say it, but I can tell she's angry by the way she's glowering at me. Julian glowered at his car when it failed to start.
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glower at someone or something

to scowl intently at someone or something. The judge glowered at the irate witness until order was restored. Fred glowered at the painting of his uncle, hating the subject of the picture.
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On the news American politicians are glowering and sniping as a growing chorus of Iraq pessimists cries out for some kind of exit strategy, five more U.S.
Staring, smiling, grimacing, glowering, these are less portraits of "individuals" than of the expressions that settle fleetingly on their malleable features.
More tapestries of sandaled he-men, glowering like Russell Crowe.
Garrison, hunched and glowering at a profound cultural crossroads, is less shocking than befuddling: Is he the last vestige of a culture about to be swept away, or a marker of the rough side of an essential European working class spirit that is bound to endure?
See his black brows still glowering. See His maggots, his flies.
Black started his answer: 'Well if you look at the pictures on page...' Only to be interrupted by a glowering Jamieson who said: 'Are you saying I can only read pictures?'
Puffed, curled, glowering, almost translucent against the airless, depthless, oppressive space, they have lost their natural self-directedness.
Kristof similarly warned about "both extremes, the far Right and Islamic terror," in his June 7th dispatch from Kalispell, Montana, entitled "All-American Osamas." "We Americans have conjured so specific a vision of terrorists -- swarthy, glowering Muslims mumbling fanatically about Allah -- that we're missing the threat from home-grown nuts, people like David Burgert' wrote Kristof.
An admiring letter to company cofounder Lincoln Kirstein from Martha Graham, for instance, faces a glowering, unfinished portrait of Kirstein, begun by Lucian Freud.
No glowering gods exist to thwart the hot quest of humankind against its own mortality.
In form, materials and orientation, Stirling,s glowering masterpiece is a calculated snub to the Casson Conder block next to it and a threat to anything which might be placed in the immediate vicinity.
Then, an hour later, a tarnished, glowering halo where the sun was supposed to be.
Like McKellen's Richard, O'Hare's Hauptmann was a treasury of actorly finesses, both vocal and gestural, but in O'Hare's case they were inherent, not extraneous--a portrait of a certain breed of German-Americans whom one rarely sees on stage or in movies, where Germans have been glowering, decadent von Stroheim heavies for something like seventy years now.
SAFE HOUSE Film4 9PM Too often the dogooding nice guy, Denzel Washington is much more effective when cast as the kind of glowering anti-hero he plays here and in 2001's Training Day.
is in parts innervating and rousing, elsewhere harsh and glowering. Never standing still, Jerome juts from the techno strobe of Lantern, to American rapper Raury grandstanding through Higher, to Ware returning for a typically sensual turn on the Problem (Solved).