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glower at (someone or something)

To look at someone or something with anger or disapproval. She won't come out and say it, but I can tell she's angry by the way she's glowering at me. Julian glowered at his car when it failed to start.
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glower at someone or something

to scowl intently at someone or something. The judge glowered at the irate witness until order was restored. Fred glowered at the painting of his uncle, hating the subject of the picture.
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For Al Ghalia, they were heavily relying on Glower, who managed a game-high 29 points, besides Filipino player Paul Lee who could score 11 points.
Before doing so he built on a neighbouring slope a wooden tower, known as Malvaison or "Bad Neighbour" so his men could overlook the castle, and so Glower o'er him, and hence Glororum was named.
At the beginning of lunch he simply stood in the middle of the mobile classroom that was the dining hall and glowered, staring at one child in particular.
Referee is Stuart Attwell and he will be assisted by Roy Corbishley and James Glower with Stuart Rolfe the fourth official.
In a letter to Coun Brenda Otton (Ind Assoc Shirley W), Insp Steve Glower, of Shirley police, said: "It is quite apparent that the toilets are being frequented by males who are looking for sexual contacts and to perform sexual acts.
The whole Glower watching as the flames shot higher.
flower glower Madge glares at the camera in iron bridle
WINDO the seal glowers "incredulously" at a brute using his boat to ram him from a dinghy he likes to sunbathe on.
Game Of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau glowers away as Jacob, a stockbroker whose drink-driving causes his life to spin in the wrong direction.
LAHORE -- Subsidy worth million of rupees is being provided to Sunflower glowers to boost its profitable cultivation.
The department of agriculture sciences is being strengthened for this purpose, said Vice Chancellor Dr Shahid Siddiqui while addressing the University's gardeners on the occasion of their preparation to take part in the 'Gul-e-Dawoodi glowers' exhibition to be held here at Yasmeen Garden on Dec.
You can picture a Presbyterian minister in some cold church in Scotland facing pews full of glowers.
The Man U ace, who has had a hair transplant, glowered when 49-year-old BBC political editor Nick Robinson raised the subject in front of teammates