glow with

glow with (something)

1. To emanate light, typically due to the presence of heat. The logs in the fireplace glowed with a soft light.
2. To show a particular emotion in one's facial expression. The bride and groom have just been glowing with joy all day long.
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glow with something

1. Lit. [for something] to put out light, usually because of high heat. The embers glowed with the remains of the fire. The last of the coals still glowed with fire.
2. Fig. [for someone's face, eyes, etc.] to display some quality, such as pride, pleasure, rage, health. Her healthy face glowed with pride. Her eyes glowed with a towering rage.
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References in classic literature ?
She shall still recline Upon the scented balustrade and glow With spring that thrills her warm blood into wine.
The strategic move will consolidate Safe Glow with Jessup Glo Brite, two popular brands of photoluminescent safety products for industrial, commercial and institutional markets, the company said in a release.
IF cold nights and dull days have left you feeling pale and uninteresting then why not re-ignite your glow with a healthy tan?
. SWEEP an instant outdoor glow with Benefit's Dallas powder.
To achieve an all-American glow, as seen on the cat walks, warmup cheeks with a red-toned blusher and maximise your glow with a shimmering lip gloss with gold flecks.
Get a realistic golden glow with Neutrogena's Build-A-Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion.
To create their luminescent angels, FireGlo mixes their passion for things that glow with the recent popularity of eye-popping garden accessories, and then adds a dose of "that's so cute!"
The oceans glow with novel strategies of bioluminescence, says Margo G.
And in his nasal, cracked voice, he'd start complaining and changing the costume of one of his coactors as a piece of scenery fell over; he'd stop to visibly struggle with that inside his head, but everything would be so slow and deliberate and "tasted" by the high panic of his aesthetic consciousness that every moment the stage began to glow with total potential, just like that singular moment before the curtain rose.