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feel a glow of happiness

 and feel a glow of contentment; feel a glow of satisfaction; feel a glow of peacefulness
Fig. to have a good feeling of some kind. Anne felt a glow of happiness as she held her new baby. Sitting by the lake, the lovers felt a warm glow of contentment.
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glow with something

1. Lit. [for something] to put out light, usually because of high heat. The embers glowed with the remains of the fire. The last of the coals still glowed with fire.
2. Fig. [for someone's face, eyes, etc.] to display some quality, such as pride, pleasure, rage, health. Her healthy face glowed with pride. Her eyes glowed with a towering rage.
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have (got) a glow on

Fig. to be intoxicated; to be tipsy. (Fixed order.) Since you already have a glow on, I guess you won't want another drink. Jed had a glow on and was acting silly.
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in glowing terms

Fig. using words of praise; using complimentary expressions. The college president described his accomplishments in glowing terms and awarded him with an honorary degree.
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in glowing ˈterms/ˈcolours

(British English) (American English in glowing ˈterms/ˈcolors) in a very positive way: He describes Manchester in glowing terms. I never realized it was such an interesting place.He spoke of her performance in the movie in glowing terms.
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n. a mild state of drug or alcohol intoxication. What was supposed to be a nice glow turned out to be a terrifying hallucination.

glow worm

n. a drunkard; an alcoholic. (From glow.) Gary came out of the bar and tripped over a napping glow worm near the entrance to the alley.
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have a glow on

tv. to be alcohol intoxicated; to be tipsy. (Have got can replace have.) Since you already have a glow on, I guess you won’t want another drink.
See also: glow, have, on
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Since males can't accurately judge a female's size in the dark, the glow could be the first indication of a healthy mate, the scientists say.
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In addition to being selected for the Top Ten list, Perfect Glow Airbrush Tanning is also the preferred airbrush tanner for the award-winning Sundy House in Delray Beach and The Addison in Boca Raton.
In addition to using the glow to quantify the physiological status of plants, Tan is also hoping to use the plant's glow as a biosensor to detect changes in the air or water.
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