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gloss over (something)

To minimize or or omit something in an account in order to obscure or conceal it. When I told Mom and Dad about my night, I just glossed over the fact that I'd gotten a parking ticket.
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put a gloss on (something)

To make something appear more positive, acceptable, or palatable than it really is. They're putting a gloss on their poor sales figures by claiming that December sales will more than make up the difference. Stop putting a gloss on the failure, Jim—let's just move on.
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lip gloss

An exaggeration, misrepresentation, or distortion of reality, especially to make it seem happier, more innocent, or more carefree. Popular culture has taught young women that they will be happy so long as they find the right man to take care of this, but we all ought to know by now that that is just lip gloss smeared on emotional manipulation.
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gloss over something

to cover up, minimize, or play down something bad. Don't gloss over your own role in this fiasco! I don't want to gloss this matter over, but it really isn't very important, is it?
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gloss over

Make attractive or acceptable by deception or superficial treatment. For example, His resumé glossed over his lack of experience, or She tried to gloss over the mistake by insisting it would make no difference. [Mid-1600s]
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put a gloss on something

If you put a gloss on a difficult situation, you describe it in a way that makes it seem better than it really is. He obviously tried to put a gloss on the poor sales figures. Yesterday they tried to put a gloss on the Home Office statistics by stressing that recorded crime had stabilised. Note: A gloss is an explanation that is added to a book or other text in order to explain an unfamiliar term. The idea here is that the explanation being given is a misleading one.
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lip gloss

n. lies; deception; exaggeration; BS. (From the name of a lipstick-like cosmetic.) Everything he says is just lip gloss. He is a liar at heart.
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