glory in

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glory in (something)

To relish or bask in something. Take your pessimism elsewhere because I'm still glorying in my big discovery!
See also: glory

glory in something

Fig. to take great pleasure in something; to revel in something. He just glories in all the attention he is getting. Martha tends to glory in doing things just exactly right.
See also: glory

glory in

To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: The composer gloried in the beauty of his own compositions.
See also: glory
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It had earned glory in the Falklands campaign of the Royal Navy.
Duffy is a great admirer of what Hay did at Almondvale, guiding the club to glory in the CIS Insurance Cup and steering them through months of administration.
SCOTLAND'S Superbike stars will be gunning for glory in front of their home fans at Knockhill on 13 August as they go in search of their first win in this year's British Championship.
Ben, who work caught the 1940 grandparents rationing and Later, the 1 Glory ins his da his Later, the 1987 film Hope and Glory inspired him to convert his dad's garden shed into his first retro haven.