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glory hole

vulgar slang A hole in a bathroom stall through which anonymous sexual acts take place.
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go to (one's) glory

euphemism To die. I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Grandma went to her glory this morning.
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no guts, no glory

Success does not come without the courage to take risks. I was certainly nervous to start playing again after such a bad injury, but no guts, no glory, right?
See also: glory, no

glory days

The most successful time that someone or something has experienced; a past period of better times. My uncle used to play professional baseball, but he suffered a serious injury, and now just likes to relive the glory days of his career. Disco's glory days are far behind us, thank goodness. Back in the glory days, we could sell this place out four nights in a row.
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glory in (something)

To relish or bask in something. Take your pessimism elsewhere because I'm still glorying in my big discovery!
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in (one's) glory

In one's happiest or most fulfilled state when in the midst of a certain activity. Look at John flipping through all this used vinyl. He's in his glory right now. I think my mom was in her glory at the quilt convention. I've never seen her so giddy.
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bathe in reflected glory

To experience or enjoy fame only through one's association with a famous or successful person. As the sister of the superstar, for years she bathed in reflected glory, until she finally got her own shot at fame.
See also: bathe, glory, reflect

bask in reflected glory

To experience or enjoy fame only through one's association with a famous or successful person. As the sister of the superstar, for years she basked in reflected glory, until she finally got her own shot at fame.
See also: bask, glory, reflect

crowning glory

1. Someone or something's greatest achievement. I've had some good ideas in the past, but this invention is definitely my crowning glory.
2. The best or most impressive part of something. The impressionism exhibit is our local art museum's crowning glory.
3. One's hair. It's amazing that she has maintained her crowning glory—her flowing auburn tresses are as beautiful as ever.
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in a blaze of glory

In an extraordinary and impressive manner. Used to describe a final action. The accountant quit his job in a blaze of glory, distributing records of the CEO's financial transgressions to everyone in the company—and the IRS. Now that he has access to nuclear warheads, many worry that the erratic dictator may decide to go out in a blaze of glory. The underdogs of the league finished the season in a blaze of glory by defeating the top-ranked team in a 4-0 stunner.
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morning glory

slang An involuntary erection that a man achieves during sleep and wakes up with in the morning. I rolled over to snuggle my boyfriend, only to bump off of his morning glory. I hate waking up with both a morning glory and an urgent need to pee!
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send (one) to glory

1. euphemism To kill one (i.e., to send one to heaven). "Glory" is sometimes capitalized in this usage. My faith in God is strong, so I have no fear of my enemies sending me to Glory. The boss sent Bobby Fisk around with a Tommy gun to send those dirty rats to glory.
2. To propel one to a position of great success, accomplishment, or fame. It was her last-minute goal that secured her team's victory and sent them to glory as the world champions.
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glory be

An expression of delighted surprise. Wow, I didn't expect to see you here! Glory be! Glory be—is this present for me?
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Glory be!

Inf. an exclamation expressing surprise or shock. (A bit old-fashioned.) Mary: Glory be! Is that what I think it is? Sue: Well, it'sakitten, if that's what you thought. Sally: First a car just missed hitting her, then she fell down on the ice. Mary: Glory be!
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glory in something

Fig. to take great pleasure in something; to revel in something. He just glories in all the attention he is getting. Martha tends to glory in doing things just exactly right.
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in one's glory

Fig. at one's happiest or best. When I go to the beach on vacation, I'm in my glory. Sally is a good teacher. She's in her glory in the classroom.
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send someone to glory

1. Fig. to kill someone. One shot sent him to glory. You want me to send you to glory or something?
2. Fig. to officiate at the burial services for someone. The preacher sent him to glory amidst the sobs of his relatives. The preacher probably gets fifty bucks for every stiff he sends to glory.
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in one's glory

At one's best, happiest, or most gratified. For example, She was in her glory playing her first big solo, or In the classroom, this teacher's in his glory. [c. 1800] Also see in one's element.
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in a blaze of glory

If you do something or something happens in a blaze of glory, you do it or it happens in a very successful and impressive way. It would be great to go out in a blaze of glory and I would love to win the championship before I finish. We've reached the point where we need a final burst of publicity in order to reach our target in a blaze of glory!
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crowning glory

1 the best and most notable aspect of something. 2 a person's hair. informal
See also: crown, glory

go to glory

die or be destroyed.
See also: glory, go

in your glory

in a state of extreme joy or exaltation. informal
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bathe/bask in reflected ˈglory

get attention and fame not because of something you have done but through the success of somebody else connected to you: She wasn’t happy to bathe in the reflected glory of her daughter’s success, as she wanted to succeed on her own.
See also: bask, bathe, glory, reflect

glory in

To take great pleasure or pride in something; revel in something: The composer gloried in the beauty of his own compositions.
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morning glory

and morning missile
n. a morning erection. Always happy to see the morning glory. Bobby has a morning missile instead of an alarm clock.
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send someone to glory

1. tv. to kill someone. One shot sent him to glory.
2. tv. to officiate at the burial services for someone. The preacher sent him to glory amidst the sobs of six or seven former fans.
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crown of glory

A triumphant victory; a splendid achievement. The term appears in the King James Version of the Bible, in 1 Peter (5:4), which says that good behavior will be rewarded, when the Shepherd shall appear, with “a crown of glory that fadeth not away.” A hymn (1820) by Thomas Kelly repeats this thought and also relates it to Jesus’ crown of thorns: “The Head that once was crowned with thorns is crowned with glory now.” On the other hand, in ancient Greek and Roman times, a victorious military hero was rewarded with a crown of laurels, so the term may allude to temporal rather than spiritual reward.
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