gloat over (something)

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gloat over (something)

To feel self-righteously pleased about something (often something unpleasant that has happened to someone else). How can you gloat over your successes when your sister is so sad about not getting in to Yale? You just got lucky, OK, so quit gloating over your victory.
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gloat over something

to rejoice smugly over something; to be glad that something unfortunate has happened to someone else. He gloated over his good luck in a way that made all of us angry. Please don't gloat over my misfortune.
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gloat over

To feel or express great pleasure or self-satisfaction about something, especially smugly or maliciously: I wish you wouldn't gloat over winning that chess game.
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NAOMI Long accused Jim Allister of "gloating over the dead" after he marked "a year without a terrorist as co-First Minister" yesterday.
"Well I am not in favour of gloating over difficulties of other political parties.
And as the Old Trafford team's fortunes have waned recently, apparently the DUP's Peter Robinson has enjoyed gloating over his Sinn Fein colleague.
ARSENAL keeper Jens Lehmann upped the war of words with Oliver Kahn in his bid to oust the Bayern star as Germany's No.1 Lehmann, no doubt gloating over his rival's blunder that handed Real Madrid a 1-1 draw in Munich last week, was asked by Kicker magazine why the two didn't talk.
STUART NEILSON'S letter in the January 26 issue of the Football ECHO gloating over beating Manchester United for a fifth consecutive time was really embarrassing.
Among other details presented here it is fascinating to imagine Alessandro Gondi gloating over the low price he paid for a beautiful Madonna from the confiscated estate of Piero de' Medici.
At the post-Kenny bash at Cracker Barrel, Pat Robertson, minister and weatherman, still gloating over hurricane Georges's hit on Florida ("Though I wouldn't have called it that wimpy Georges, and I'm sorry it knocked some of my brethren and cistern in Mississippi"), opened the celebration with a prayer for impeachment.
His two comrades who posed gloating over the bloodied corpse have been confined to barracks for around a month.
As final answers go I'd say she summed up the uneasy feeling I had watching a bulging-eyed Chris Tarrant gloating over giving such an obscene amount of money away.