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gloat over (something)

To feel self-righteously pleased about something (often something unpleasant that has happened to someone else). How can you gloat over your successes when your sister is so sad about not getting in to Yale? You just got lucky, OK, so quit gloating over your victory.
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gloat over something

to rejoice smugly over something; to be glad that something unfortunate has happened to someone else. He gloated over his good luck in a way that made all of us angry. Please don't gloat over my misfortune.
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gloat over

To feel or express great pleasure or self-satisfaction about something, especially smugly or maliciously: I wish you wouldn't gloat over winning that chess game.
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One pal said: "How can she call Della a gloater when she has spent the last three months parading Grant around so smugly?"
ON a mournful, melancholy day, they emerged grim-faced from Villa Park to walk the gauntlet of the gleeful gloaters and the goaders.
The gloating was given added resonance by the public status of the chief gloaters, who were there officially, of course, to coax these philanthropists of the City into their customary munificence.
If the word becomes a tool for settling scores, muttering, and leveling accusations randomly, then it becomes a destructive tool that benefits the gloaters only." He called on all the people to fear God in their words and deeds and to shoulder their responsibilities with awareness and consciousness, and to avoid being a burden on their religion and country and parents, so that the word does not turn into as destructive tool that brings damage and destruction and benefit the enemies.
To some gloaters it was seen as the final blow in the demise of a city which they deemed was not only at war with everyone else but, worst of all,itself.
'There have been people just waiting for us to slip up,' says Cooke and this, he believes, says more about the gloaters than it does about his club.
But for Jaap Stam there was never any sweat - even though the vultures were circling and the gloaters were growing in number.
Alan Sweeney, South Wales, said: "Are there any Celtic fans old enough to remember the last time they simply lost a match fairly and squarely?" And then, inevitably, there were the gloaters.
It was no secret that hopes were few and far between; that pessimists got ready to celebrate their accurate calculations; and that gloaters readied their poisonous smiles.
The gloaters have got squatters rights for a moment.
GLENTORAN skipper Paul Leeman has warned the gloaters: We're still top of the league and we'll bounce back from our New Year blip.
But where there are mourners, there are also gloaters. Alan Freedman, Leith, said: "Hibs only had to play in third gear against a pub team.