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gloat over (something)

To feel self-righteously pleased about something (often something unpleasant that has happened to someone else). How can you gloat over your successes when your sister is so sad about not getting in to Yale? You just got lucky, OK, so quit gloating over your victory.
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gloat over something

to rejoice smugly over something; to be glad that something unfortunate has happened to someone else. He gloated over his good luck in a way that made all of us angry. Please don't gloat over my misfortune.
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gloat over

To feel or express great pleasure or self-satisfaction about something, especially smugly or maliciously: I wish you wouldn't gloat over winning that chess game.
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In October 2001, Osama bin Laden gloated in a videotaped interview: "I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed.
We could die as heroes on Flight 93, but NBC News would never mention that we are gay in a report that slavishly gloated over every heterosexual mourner left on the ground.
They gloated over their good fortune and Petit, with no thought for Winterburn's fate if he were to get a real booking against Lens on Wednesday, said: "It is an early Christmas present."
One local newspaper columnist gloated: "Tractor-pull fans, you were right.
TO Steve Bruce, who wanted to 'drag' Villa into it, to all Blues supporters, players and ex-players who have gloated and showboated at Villa's misfortune in the past derbies, to your reporter Colin Tattum, who never misses an opportunity to have a 'dig' at Villa, to your newspaper who have promoted the lie that Blues are bigger and more representative of the city than Villa, from all the Villa supporters who were magnificent on Easter Sunday, that was double pay-back time!
OK, I gloated a bit when gay-sex-scandal survivor Barney Frank defended Bill Clinton on CNN (Clinton Nookie News).
THE Russian Embassy gloated over the Chilcot Report by tweeting a picture of a teapot with the words: "Keep calm but I told you so."
A THUG spared jail despite a savage attack on a Royal Marine gloated online with a bottle of bubbly and a message calling his victim "scum".
Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli, right, says he gloated in Simon's face when the BBC ballroom comp beat the X Factor in the ratings war by venturing into his X Factor USA dressing room while recording Dancing With The Stars.