gloat over

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gloat over (something)

To feel self-righteously pleased about something (often something unpleasant that has happened to someone else). How can you gloat over your successes when your sister is so sad about not getting in to Yale? You just got lucky, OK, so quit gloating over your victory.
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gloat over something

to rejoice smugly over something; to be glad that something unfortunate has happened to someone else. He gloated over his good luck in a way that made all of us angry. Please don't gloat over my misfortune.
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gloat over

To feel or express great pleasure or self-satisfaction about something, especially smugly or maliciously: I wish you wouldn't gloat over winning that chess game.
See also: gloat, over
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Coun Marshall defended her comments when a fellow Facebook user said that they 'would have expected better from a so called community leader than to gloat over someone's death.' "No, I'm not gloating, it's really hard to explain," she said.
Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said he does not like to gloat over the internal strife in the Bharatiya Janata Party.
YOU know I'm never one to gloat over Scotland beating England at anything.
The smaller panels that accompany certain works are much more akin to the passionate and violent activities catalogued by Dante; they hum with a busy damnation that Hieronymus Bosch and Sandow Birk would appreciate: Skeletons are piled in heaps; warring tribes brandish sticks and gloat over dead animals; bodies hang from trees.