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gloat over (something)

To feel self-righteously pleased about something (often something unpleasant that has happened to someone else). How can you gloat over your successes when your sister is so sad about not getting in to Yale? You just got lucky, OK, so quit gloating over your victory.
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gloat over something

to rejoice smugly over something; to be glad that something unfortunate has happened to someone else. He gloated over his good luck in a way that made all of us angry. Please don't gloat over my misfortune.
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gloat over

To feel or express great pleasure or self-satisfaction about something, especially smugly or maliciously: I wish you wouldn't gloat over winning that chess game.
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Therefore we find it refreshing to boast and gloat because of experiences peculiar to our club.
It's bad enough having to gnaw on the inedible beef au jus and starchy carrot sticks while listening to blowhards like Bill Parcells, Pat Riley, and Phil Jackson gloat about their successes.
On the news that his archenemy, Post, had suffered a nervous breakdown after years of denouncing "coffee-slugged nerves," Tea & Coffee Trade Journal editor William Ukers wrote with sardonic glee, "We would not appear to gloat over his misfortune." Reveling, he continued, "Indeed, if his breakdown is in any measure due to his drinking Postum all these years, he has our deep sympathy" In wishing Post a rapid recovery, Ukers suggested a nurse "slip him a cup of coffee now and then during his convalescence."
I'm not one to deflate anyone's hard-earned gloat, but it's possible that this profoundly costly approach to crime reduction--costly both in human consequences and government expenditures--is not the only reason America is enjoying a Leave It to Beaver era of crime-free communities.
In a statement after being declared in Abuja on Wednesday morning, he advised his supporters not to gloat or humiliate the opposition over the victory.
Coun Marshall defended her comments when a fellow Facebook user said that they 'would have expected better from a so called community leader than to gloat over someone's death.' "No, I'm not gloating, it's really hard to explain," she said.
And gloat not BCFC fans - you may very well be next.
"If we win the title on Sunday we will enjoy the moment but we we won't be there to gloat," he said.
And here's how you can do it 6 The Indian restaurant which (almost) stands out from the crowd 7 What you should be sowing in the garden this month 8&9 There's more to Florida than Disney, you know 10 Pick a fantastic holiday from our readers' selection 11 If Wales beat Italy next weekend, head out there for a holiday and gloat 12&13 What you should be watching on the box this week plus the latest books, DVDs and CDs reviewed and rated 14 Your seven day TV listings Edited by Margaret O'Reilly email: margaret.o' tel: 029 2024 3768
I might have expected myself to gloat, such is the fierce rivalry between our West Midlands clubs.
It would have been easy for a self-proclaimed nonbeliever like D'Antonio to gloat over such developments, but he doesn't.
President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, Wednesday morning, advised his supporters not to gloat or humiliate the opposition over the victory, following his declaration as the winner of the 2019 presidential election.
IF THERE'S one extra thing I've got my fingers crossed about at tea-time next Saturday, it's that I'll be able to gloat over Ian St John.
Much printing ink has been consumed and tons of carbon generated as politicians broadcast, and commentators gloat and defend, those involved in the phone tapping scandal.
DUP South Down MLA Jim Wells slammed the youth wing's visit as a "ghoulish gloat".