glisten with

glisten with (something)

To shimmer or twinkle with something. Katie's engagement ring looked especially stunning as it glistened with sunlight. Stop teasing her! Can't you see that her eyes are glistening with tears?
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glisten with something

to sparkle or shimmer with something. The trees glistened with a thin coating of ice from the freezing rain. Fran's eyes glistened with a few tears.
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IN the distant horizon where sea merges with sky, I pensively ponder of times past, when you and I, Held hands like sweethearts and lovers, And left footprints in the sand, But time passes, and you are no longer here to hold my hand, The sea still thrusts towards the shore, And watching, awakens memories of you once more, My eyes glisten with tears unshed, As past memories unfold inside my head, Of all the things we used to do, Are you silently watching?
A signal case in point is The Americans, US Gymnastics Team: Like several of White's subjects, the coach and the injured young female athlete he cradles Pieta-like in his arms both glisten with a sheen of vaguely postcoital perspiration, their expressions caught precisely on the cusp of pain and pleasure.
Watch Clive James's baldy pate glisten with more sweat than usual as he tries to take his eyes off Courteney's legs long enough to ask her a few questions.