glisten with

glisten with something

to sparkle or shimmer with something. The trees glistened with a thin coating of ice from the freezing rain. Fran's eyes glistened with a few tears.
See also: glisten
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A signal case in point is The Americans, US Gymnastics Team: Like several of White's subjects, the coach and the injured young female athlete he cradles Pieta-like in his arms both glisten with a sheen of vaguely postcoital perspiration, their expressions caught precisely on the cusp of pain and pleasure.
OXNARD - The 38th annual Parade of Lights in Oxnard will light up a five-mile stretch of coastline around Channel Island Harbor on Friday as homes, shops and marinas glisten with holiday lights.
The seven-and-a-half foot tree, decorated with silver and white with hints of iridescent blue, will glisten with handmade ornaments, icicles of glass, pearly snowflakes and a shimmering angel on the top.