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glint in (one's) eye(s)

1. A brief and subtle expression in one's eye(s) indicating a hidden or secret emotion, agenda, idea, plan, etc. She said that she was happy for both of them, but I knew by the glint in her eye that she despised Mark's new girlfriend. My father, with a glint in his eyes, told me that I would get the best present after the party was over.
2. A person or thing that has been planned or discussed but has not yet come into being. Jonathan says he's going to write the great American novel, but it's just a glint in his eye at this point. I knew your parents back when you were just a glint in their eyes.
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glint with (something)

To shimmer or twinkle with something. Katie's engagement ring looked especially stunning as it glinted with sunlight. Lydia's eyes glinted with emotion as she listened to the toast in her honor.
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glint with something

to sparkle or shine with something. Her bright eyes glinted with the sunlight. The crystal goblet glinted with the orange firelight.
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As is well known, angular glint is a radar target signature in equal importance compared with radar cross section (RCS), and its effects on radar sensor mainly arise at target near field.
These sun glints are like sunshine glancing off the hood of a car.
I subsequently found some last-century discussion on the newsgroup sci.astro.satellites.visual-observe about such Moon glints. Robert Matson explained in a message from June 1998: "At any given location, they are extremely rare.
Sun glints off the blue water as the birds' smooth wake fans out behind them, aglow in the late-afternoon sun.
Others simply started up too gradually or lasted too long to be explained away as instrument glitches or satellite glints. The 24 listed stars are all considered "normal," like our sun, except they may flare up vigorously perhaps every 100 or 1,000 years.
Farrell's only full-fledged star was New York City Ballet's Peter Boal, whose reserved ease wasn't a bad match for the feline glints in Goh's dancing.
THE sun glints off Manchester's new Commonwealth Games stadium in the distance.
The lighting is blue, underfoot the floor is black and the scaffolding glints in the twilight.
The light glints off the satin and disappears in the expanse of the jacket lining's emerald-velvet noirish interior.
However, one possible source that the observers could notrule out was satellite glints, momentary reflections of sunlight by rotating artificial satellites.
Last year's Reverse Psychology: Agenda I--Japan was a tortured and occasionally baffling work, involving ragtag dancers moving wildly in and out of a giant cube frame; only a few glints of Noh slowness gave any clue that the piece was intended as an exploration of postwar Japan.
AGAINST the white cliffs of Dover, a late summer sun glints on the wings of the most famous fighter of them all - a Spitfire.
As "written with Larry Kaplan," however, the book contains only sporadic glints of the spirited woman who said of NYCB's refusal to treat any dancer as a star, "I don't mind being listed alphabetically as long as I'm not treated alphabetically." Tallchief, who was present at history and made quite a bit of it, herself, is eminently qualified to drop the most resonant names in the business, but all too often she lets them fall with a thud: "Mr.
I saw a glint ahead of us about 20 degrees below the horizon.