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glint in (one's) eye(s)

1. A brief and subtle expression in one's eye(s) indicating a hidden or secret emotion, agenda, idea, plan, etc. She said that she was happy for both of them, but I knew by the glint in her eye that she despised Mark's new girlfriend. My father, with a glint in his eyes, told me that I would get the best present after the party was over.
2. A person or thing that has been planned or discussed but has not yet come into being. Jonathan says he's going to write the great American novel, but it's just a glint in his eye at this point. I knew your parents back when you were just a glint in their eyes.
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glint with (something)

To shimmer or twinkle with something. Katie's engagement ring looked especially stunning as it glinted with sunlight. Lydia's eyes glinted with emotion as she listened to the toast in her honor.
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glint with something

to sparkle or shine with something. Her bright eyes glinted with the sunlight. The crystal goblet glinted with the orange firelight.
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Brunel's closest talented relative is triple Group 3 winner Hadeer, who appears under third dam Glinting.
Little used warm light once again, this time to capture the reflection glinting off the Capitol dome under a deep blue sky.
Beautiful day, the sun glinting on warehouse apartments and wharf developments that now populate the banks of the old river.
Visitors to the centre can even glimpse the silver security strips from notes glinting out from among the fertiliser.
The prospect of working with floppy hats and glinting swords elicits a chuckle and sends a twinkle into his Nordic eyes.
But after a while, the regimented way in which the cables were distributed became oppressive, and their fineness started to set one's teeth on edge, as if they were made from glinting piano wire.
WE are used to seeing veterans marching on Remembrance Sunday, their medals glinting, but this week's honours for Lance Corporal Justin Thomas and Sergeant Adrian 'Spider' Smith are a timely reminder of the bravery behind the ribbons.
Within that swath, most of the echoes showed a strong spike, similar to sunlight glinting off an ocean.
As he strode in through the glinting doors the room was awash with whisperings of 'Is that Andrew Neil' and 'Is that what he looks like?
Approaching from the east, you first glimpse the slanting parapet, its ochre or dull gold-coloured aluminium siding glinting in the morning light.
Coming in from the bright sunlight, a woman kneels before an altar in the dimness of the church; she has lit a small candle, and with many other small candles the light is reflected off glinting fabrics and jewels adorning the statue of the Mother of God.
It was glitter glinting through its lush John Lanchbery score culled from Rimsky-Korsakov, through those monumental settings by Thomas Boyd that would surely have reheated the heart of Cecil B.
In one image, a flayed rabbit hangs from a photographic lamp, its flesh providing a translucent, organic white to complement the lamp's glinting metallic black.
Resplendent in their famous bright red coats and traditional hats, and with their medals glinting in the sun, the pensioners carried off the ceremony with dignity before Charles took the salute at the Founder's Parade at the Royal Hospital, in London.
Meanwhile Michael Howard, rimless spectacles glinting in the camera lights, had less of something of the night about him and more something of a nightmare.