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glint in (one's) eye(s)

1. A brief and subtle expression in one's eye(s) indicating a hidden or secret emotion, agenda, idea, plan, etc. She said that she was happy for both of them, but I knew by the glint in her eye that she despised Mark's new girlfriend. My father, with a glint in his eyes, told me that I would get the best present after the party was over.
2. A person or thing that has been planned or discussed but has not yet come into being. Jonathan says he's going to write the great American novel, but it's just a glint in his eye at this point. I knew your parents back when you were just a glint in their eyes.
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glint with something

to sparkle or shine with something. Her bright eyes glinted with the sunlight. The crystal goblet glinted with the orange firelight.
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References in classic literature ?
The barrel of his rifle glinted aslant before his big red face.
Those newer songs, in the company of the 2003 album's ``Big Sur'' and ``Your Love Is Like Las Vegas,'' glinted like fool's gold, making inalterably clear that whatever was so appealing about the group's ``So Much for the City'' disc could be likened to a flash of lightning not to be repeated.
Angelical manners glinted through Balanchine's Vienna Waltzes (1977).
His cut-glass tone glinted throughout the concerto, refracting all manner of color.
Once awake, Caramia latched a dark hairy hand on a yellow chain that hung low above her head, riveted by a silver bowl that glinted in the sun.