catch sight of

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catch sight of (someone or something)

To see someone or something very briefly or suddenly. Wendy only caught sight of the burglar for a second, so she couldn't describe his appearance to the police. I didn't know what the bunny was running from, until I caught sight of the dog that was chasing it.
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catch sight of someone or something

 and catch a glimpse of someone or something
to see someone or something briefly; to get a quick look at someone or something. I caught sight of the plane just before it flew out of sight. Ann caught a glimpse of the robber as he ran out of the bank.
See also: catch, of, sight

catch sight of

See suddenly or unexpectedly, as in When I first caught sight of the Alps, I was overwhelmed. [First half of 1800s]
See also: catch, of, sight
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The shared picture also had a side glimpse of Shahid's co-star in the film, Shraddha Kapoor.
Kelly Saunders with children Jayden and Lincoln, above, were among those keen to catch a glimpse of the |Coca-Cola truck when it visited Middlesbrough last December IAN MCINTYRE AND KATIE
And judging from his ominous stare-down and shadowed glimpses of him in the trailer, Waltz will not disappoint.
A glimpse which should make the Black Scarf Movement proud to support Arsenal.
The contractor may provide a glimpse of the transport of waste transport center instead of Tammisren transfer station, which they transfer to the load.
A Glimpse of Youth" is a collection of stories about a boy who grew up in the 1950s, in Brooklyn.
Another glimpse to the future is provided by the Juke NISMO Concept first seen last December at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.
Hannon's stable jockey, and last year's jockeys' championship second, Richard Hughes is aboard Casual Glimpse, the impressive winner of a conditions race at the July course last summer before failing when stepped up to Group company on his final two starts.
0 newsgrazing environments are where information seekers graze the known stores of news and updates to which we subscribe in order to bring news and updates to desktop gadgets and browser tools to maximize our sit-andwait information predation, and where we can catch sequences of glimpses without having to berry-pick our way through the news.
Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care includes two basic systems: one for normal to dry skin and the other designed for normal to combination skin
XanGo, LLC, Lehi, Utah has launched Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care, which contains exclusive ingredients from the mangosteen fruit delivered through the proprietary "BioActive X3 Complex.
Rather than setting out to spot lions and elephants in Africa, wildlife lovers are being offered the chance to get a rare glimpse of the roe deer.
THE country's oldest racecourse and Blackpool Illuminations are to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse to visitors as part of a weekend of open days at thousands of heritage sites, it's been announced.
Apparently hundreds of people turned up at Twickenham bus station to catch a glimpse of the FA Cup, which Cardiff are hoping to win on Saturday.
Crowds flocked to WH Smith in Newcastle yesterday to catch a glimpse of the TV duo.