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glimmer of hope

A minute indication that something may improve, succeed, or turn out for the best in the end. Fans clung to a glimmer of hope that their team might score a last-minute touchdown to tie the game. Although peace talks have broken down between the two warring countries, there remains a glimmer of hope that a truce of some kind can still be salvaged.
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not a glimmer (of something)

Not even the smallest amount (of something). The group of financial analysts said there is not a glimmer of hope that the economy will improve at any point this year. The team needed to come out with intensity if they wanted to stand a chance, but unfortunately they showed not a glimmer during that dreadful display. There wasn't a glimmer of remorse in his voice as he pleaded guilty to the horrible crimes.
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not a glimmer (of an idea)

 and not a clue
Fig. no idea. A: Where's the subway? B: Sorry. Not a glimmer of an idea. How long till we're there? Not a clue.
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Glimmering tossed off his drink in one swallow, and using (impressively) American Sign Language, handspelled to the waiter for another.
Glimmering waved a reproving finger at me, while with the other hand commandeering my drink.
Glimmering responded to the question with the kind of expression a debutante might make if asked to change a tire.
The other projection showed a vista in glimmering light, framed by glowing teeth, followed by deep darkness.
Interposed between the domed ceiling with its oculus and the readers, Navarro Baldeweg has suspended a glimmering metal baldacchino which sheds light and shadow over the white interior of the drum to diffuse gently onto the desks below.
A large canopy ornamented with gigantic pearls made of Murano glass surmounts an octagonal structure, which rests, like a luminous spaceship, on a glimmering carpet of salt and tiny shards of glittery plastic.
Here and there traces of negative scratching, water staining, and light glancing are registered on the shiny surfaces of the prints, often barely distinguishable from the scratching, staining, and glimmering of the surfaces they represent.
He said: "I have seen the first glimmerings of the possibility for a ceasefire.
Peeking into the dusty core of a dark cloud seemingly devoid of stars, astronomers have found a faintly glowing body that could be the earliest glimmerings ever recorded from a newborn star.
But even in this tough environment, there are the glimmerings of a recovery.
In May 2002, there were glimmerings of light in the minds of the municipal voters of the London borough of Newham who elected Alan Craig of the Christian Peoples' Alliance (equivalent to Canada's Christian Heritage Party) as their local representative to the municipal council.
In Beijing, deep in the halls of the Bank of China, glimmerings of a small revolution are appearing.
Vita says the abnormal test response may represent the glimmerings of atherosclerosis that go undetected in routine tests such as angiography.