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glimmer of hope

A minute indication that something may improve, succeed, or turn out for the best in the end. Fans clung to a glimmer of hope that their team might score a last-minute touchdown to tie the game. Although peace talks have broken down between the two warring countries, there remains a glimmer of hope that a truce of some kind can still be salvaged.
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not a glimmer (of something)

Not even the smallest amount (of something). The group of financial analysts said there is not a glimmer of hope that the economy will improve at any point this year. The team needed to come out with intensity if they wanted to stand a chance, but unfortunately they showed not a glimmer during that dreadful display. There wasn't a glimmer of remorse in his voice as he pleaded guilty to the horrible crimes.
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not a glimmer (of an idea)

 and not a clue
Fig. no idea. A: Where's the subway? B: Sorry. Not a glimmer of an idea. How long till we're there? Not a clue.
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Glimmer offers three tiers of adult cleaning - with a service in lingerie or underwear starting at [pounds sterling]55 per hour, topless cleaning costing [pounds sterling]65 an hour and totally naked cleaning at [pounds sterling]75 for the hour.
The "Mid-night Glimmer" is a customized color developed by the color design experts from BASF's Coatings Division in collaboration with the design team at PATAC.
STILL HOPE McGregor's goal has given Rangers a glimmer of hope
While the talk of a ceasefire is still very tentative, it is the first positive sign to emerge from Syria in months that some relief may be on the way and there is at least a glimmer of hope that humanitarian relief can be delivered to Aleppo.
Buyer: Uvenco Holding Ltd, Uvenco UK Ltd, Blair Jenkins, Glimmer Europe Ltd
One application lasts all day and the tiny glimmer particles raise protection by deflecting the sun's rays as well as giving skin a gorgeous glow.
ONE of the major problems the average football fan has is the propensity for clutching at straws; that slightest glimmer of hope.
JOBLESS figures are falling in the West Midlands - offering a festive 'glimmer of hope' for the local economy.
VISA figures showing a growth in customer spending offered a "glimmer of hope" for the economy, a report found yesterday.
Today's best bets in Ireland Night Glimmer can star for Roberts REASONS UNKNOWN deserves another chance in Dundalk's finale today (6.10).
Summary: Campaigners for computer hacker Gary McKinnon have been given a glimmer of hope in their fight against his extradition.
GLIMMER: HOW DESIGN CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE, AND MAYBE EVEN THE WORLD offers insights into how great modern designers design new product lines from iPhones to social network systems, considering how the art of professional design can teach everyone how to achieve a breakthrough just by learning how designers think.
Hariri's mission was a "glimmer of hope" for the country, he said.
The news that retail sales for March had dropped 1.1 per cent came just before Barack Obama, the US president, said on Tuesday that he saw a glimmer of hope for the economy but warned that the recession was not yet over.
GRIMSBY chairman John Fenty has revealed there is "a glimmer of a chance" that striker Robbie Fowler will join the Coca-Cola League Two club.