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glimmer of hope

A minute indication that something may improve, succeed, or turn out for the best in the end. Fans clung to a glimmer of hope that their team might score a last-minute touchdown to tie the game. Although peace talks have broken down between the two warring countries, there remains a glimmer of hope that a truce of some kind can still be salvaged.
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not a glimmer (of something)

Not even the smallest amount (of something). The group of financial analysts said there is not a glimmer of hope that the economy will improve at any point this year. The team needed to come out with intensity if they wanted to stand a chance, but unfortunately they showed not a glimmer during that dreadful display. There wasn't a glimmer of remorse in his voice as he pleaded guilty to the horrible crimes.
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not a glimmer (of an idea)

 and not a clue
Fig. no idea. A: Where's the subway? B: Sorry. Not a glimmer of an idea. How long till we're there? Not a clue.
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A Glimmer Of Hope helps people who have mental health issues.
When he read Glimmer, he said that he had to play Marty Glimmer.
Another glimmer is the fact that Roberts represented homeless people who were suing the government because their benefits were being cut, and that he even assisted a defendant in a death penalty case.
That they should lose their glimmer, one and all- / No way.
A global crisis such as the tsunami disaster in South-East Asia always contains within it a glimmer of hope, the primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison, told a New Year's Day congregation at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa.
In this superbly crafted work, Carrillo the recipient of numerous fellowships and awards for his fiction, which has appeared in The Kenyon Review and Glimmer Train--appeals to our emotions and our intelligence.
To their surprise, the researchers detected a glimmer that Evans likens to "a big, red, bloodshot eye.
Though the 2004 Athens Olympics are now a fading memory and the 2008 Beijing Games a glimmer on the horizon, the great Olympic bidding circus rolls on.
But there was a glimmer of hope for the distraught family when Iraq's justice minister pledged to release one of the two Iraqi women in custody - a partial concession to the kidnappers' demands.
Because if atheism is seen as just another kind of religion, then there's a glimmer of truth to Wennerstrom's contention that "removing all references to God in government can be reasonably viewed as establishing an atheistic philosophy.
Liberal Democrat MP Alistair Carmichael said it was the 'first real glimmer hope' in the case of Edinburgh-born Richey, who was one hearing away from execution.
is exploring its Black Fox project, formerly known as the Glimmer Mine, says Meyer.
Exall Resources is a junior mining company with interest in the Glimmer gold mine in Ontario.
Stanley Home Products introduces its new ultramoisturizing Luminosa PowderSilk lotion and Glimmer creme.
There was even a glimmer of optimism when parents learned that religious education would be more widely available.