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glide across (something)

To move across a surface or area in a very smooth manner, similar to floating. Those ballroom dancers are very talented—they just seem to glide across the dance floor!
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glide away (from someone or something)

To move across a surface or area in a very smooth manner, similar to floating. The swans glided away from us as we got closer to the water's edge.
See also: away, glide, someone

glide across something

to float or slide across something. The skaters glided across the frozen expanse of the river. The small plane glided across the sky.
See also: across, glide

glide away (from someone or something)

to slide or float away from someone or something. The skaters glided away from the center of the rink. The canoes glided away from the judge who had started off the canoe race.
See also: away, glide
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We believe in building bridges, not walls, said GLIDE Co-Founder Janice Mirikitani.
For example, loading in more weight doesn't change glide ratio, but it does require gliding faster to go the same distance.
Glide, which was founded in 2006 by Sandeep Krishan and James Villarreal while the pair were still at university in Birmingham, is said to be the first company to offer multi-tenant billing in shared accommodation.
In this study, the most common horizontal glide distance of Petaurista petaurista was 26-50 m, followed by 0-25 m which might be due to observations made over the forest trails which had 20-40 m gaps.
This is now changing and the latest Road Glide Special is evidence of that change.
I a paradise tree snake achieves an odd body shape (cross section shown) that turns falling into a decent glide.
Also tested were a static allocation rebalanced annually to maintain 50% each for stocks and bonds, as well as an inverse glide path that shifted from fixed income to equities.
Dr Gareth Dyke, senior lecturer in vertebrate palaeontology and co-author of the study, says: "Significant to the evolution of flight, we show that Microraptor did not require a sophisticated, 'modern' wing morphology to undertake effective glides.
The researcher conducted on the sample homogeneity of basic research in the variables (age, height, weight, balance, strength of the flexible alarm, sliding 15 meters, sliding 12, 5 meters, 10 meters glide, glide 8 meters.
Glide Pharma has been awarded a sub-contract from Pfenex, inc.
The 2013 line includes Super Low, 1200 Custom, Forty-Eight, Seventy-Two, Street Bob, Super Glide Custom, Wide Glide, Fat Bob, Switch Back, Fat Boy, Fat Boy Lo, Black Line, Softail Deluxe, Heritage Softail-Classic, Night Rod Special, V-Rod Muscle, Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide Custom, Road Glide Ultra, Electra Glide Classic, Ultra Classic Electra Glide, Electra Glide Ultra Limited, CVO Road Glide, CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide, CVO Road King, CVO Breakout, and Tri Glide Ultra Classic.
The Samsung Captivate Glide for AT and T Wireless is long overdue.
25 October 2011 - Nasdaq OMX Group Inc (NASDAQ:NDAQ) said it will acquire British software specialist Glide Technologies Ltd for an undisclosed price.
As a underwater vehicle with new thrust mode, the underwater glide vehicle had shown some enormous advantages.