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glide across (something)

To move across a surface or area in a very smooth manner, similar to floating. Those ballroom dancers are very talented—they just seem to glide across the dance floor!
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glide away (from someone or something)

To move across a surface or area in a very smooth manner, similar to floating. The swans glided away from us as we got closer to the water's edge.
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glide across something

to float or slide across something. The skaters glided across the frozen expanse of the river. The small plane glided across the sky.
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glide away (from someone or something)

to slide or float away from someone or something. The skaters glided away from the center of the rink. The canoes glided away from the judge who had started off the canoe race.
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The Street Glide Special features a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, voice recognition system and telecoms support.
They call it "Speed to Fly"; for X headwind increase the indicated glide speed to Y for a new rate of descent of Z.
These mechanics explain the palpable talocalcaneal motions; posterolateral glide of the talus when the ankle is supinated and the anteromedial glide when the ankle is pronated.
affecting glide distance are forest structure and tree height, with denser forest of smaller trees reducing the possibility for long glides.
This is now changing and the latest Road Glide Special is evidence of that change.
The transaction will see progress of an alternative delivery method for Pfenex's Px563L-mrPA, using Glide's solid dose formulation technology.
GLIDE - Erinn Allen scored a game-high 23 points in Harrisburg's 61-29 loss to Glide in the Mountain Valley Conference girls basketball opener for both teams on Monday.
As they glide, the snakes make a slithering motion.
It's as cold as winter again in the UAE, at least with two of the most exciting activities on ice -- The Ice Rink and The Glide Track at Modhesh World located at Dubai World Trade Centre.
The auctions have raised $15.6 million for Glide, which has an annual budget of about $17 million.
In a stabilized glide, the forces acting on the airplane (lift, weight and drag) sum to zero.
A paper published in The Journal of Retirement argues that asset-allocation glide paths popularized in target-date funds (TDFs) fail to deliver superior end-point wealth.
The lower half of the presentation is a constant display of how far you can glide, the appropriate route to fly to the nearest airport and whether you have the altitude to make it.