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glean from (something)

1. To take that which has been left behind, usually grain remaining after a harvest. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." How much grain were you able to glean from the fields today?
2. To learn something from a particular source, often secondhand or piecemeal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." I missed the meeting yesterday, so tell me what you were able to glean from his presentation. What have you been able to glean from the rumors going around?
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glean something from something

1. Lit. to gather the leftovers of something from something; to gather the ears of grain left in a field after a harvest. The poor people gleaned their entire living from what was left in the fields. We will have to go out and glean something from the fields.
2. and glean something from someone Fig. to figure something out from bits of gossip. I was able to glean some important news from Tommy. Tell me the news you gleaned from the people in town.
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glean from

1. To learn something or figure something out using some information gathered bit by bit: We were able to glean information about their past from the conversation we overheard. I gleaned from these various articles that there was serious trouble brewing in the government.
2. To gather grain left behind by reapers: The farmers have gleaned their final harvests from their fields of wheat.
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"We deliver to whatever partner is open the day of the glean," Cohen, the director, explains.
In 2004, several artists in Los Angeles started, a Web site that maps fruit trees in public places for individuals to glean. The idea has caught on in other cities, like Oakland, CA (the Forage Oakland project) and Portland, OR (Urban Edibles).
A photodetector gleans data from the disc by tracking the changing brightness of a laser beam that bounces off the pitted layer.
And yet the overall impression one gleans from this exhibition is of a certain metaphysics of the photographic image: The more precise and clear the image, the more alienating it appears.
You may recall that the 31-year-old money manager with Paradigm Asset Management, an institutional investment firm in New York City, evaluates the investment styles of top portfolio managers, gleans their moves from Securities and Exchange Commission filings, analyzes their picks and makes his move.
And MRI gleans information from inside the body, information that is otherwise unavailable, and the procedure simply states the facts, it doesn't comment on them.
This collection gleans his favorites, with indexes of sources and subjects.
No such judgment impedes Varda's research, as she refuses to separate out those who glean for food to survive from those who simply glean for fun: She levels the gleaning field.
After talking to people who glean potatoes, Varda follows a modern-day gleaner who lives in a decrepit mini-trailer in an open field, in one of pic's bleaker moments.