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glean from (something)

1. To take that which has been left behind, usually grain remaining after a harvest. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." How much grain were you able to glean from the fields today?
2. To learn something from a particular source, often secondhand or piecemeal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." I missed the meeting yesterday, so tell me what you were able to glean from his presentation. What have you been able to glean from the rumors going around?
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glean something from something

1. Lit. to gather the leftovers of something from something; to gather the ears of grain left in a field after a harvest. The poor people gleaned their entire living from what was left in the fields. We will have to go out and glean something from the fields.
2. and glean something from someone Fig. to figure something out from bits of gossip. I was able to glean some important news from Tommy. Tell me the news you gleaned from the people in town.
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glean from

1. To learn something or figure something out using some information gathered bit by bit: We were able to glean information about their past from the conversation we overheard. I gleaned from these various articles that there was serious trouble brewing in the government.
2. To gather grain left behind by reapers: The farmers have gleaned their final harvests from their fields of wheat.
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Regarding foraging strategy, estimated species richness of bark foragers was significantly higher at the native forest, whereas estimated species richness was significantly higher for foliage gleaners and flycatchers at the alder plantation (Fig.
All of the machines I saw had 1926 Fordson-mounted-type Gleaners on them.
Revisiting how the press caricaturize, prosecuted, and invalidated Obeah is telling of a psychological warfare where the Gleaner as an instrument of the colonial order persuaded Afro-Jamaicans to hate their blackness, ancestry and culture.
Example: Mission for Life, an intensive one-day program hosted by Gleaner Life that teaches best practices in life insurance sales and client servicing.
In the Top500 listing published in January's Scottish Business Insider, due to an inputting error we stated that Gleaner Oils had a loss of PS65.95m in the year to December 2013.
Introduced in 2010 with the S7 Series, today, the Gleaner Super Series offers the lightest Class 6, Class 7 and Class 8 combines on the market, and takes head-on the harvesting and resulting crop production challenges faced by North American farmers.
What's more, International Olympic Committee medical chiefs, WADA and Britain's anti-doping agency, which also worked on London's massive drug-testing program, told the AP that they were kept in the dark about Jamaican testing lapses that Shirley exposed in her August letter to The Gleaner.
Howell's suppression began on the day after his return to Jamaica in 1932, when the island's biggest newspaper, the Daily Gleaner, published a notice of his arrival.
Selon le Gleaner, des traces de lasix, considere comme produit masquant par l'Agence mondiale antidopage (AMA), ont ete relevees dans l'echantillon A d'un prelevement et Campbell-Brown en a ete avertie le 3 juin.
Local paper The Gleaner said the storm had claimed its first victim -- a 74-year-old man who was killed when a boulder rolled onto a house.
The pair, members of the Tyne Lifeboat Institution, were among the crew on the Northumberland rescue vessel which set out to help the stricken brig Gleaner.
On a visit to Jamaica last week, Sterling told the Jamaican Gleaner: "He (Dalglish) is the one who gave me my debut, so I am grateful for that.
THE DAILY GLEANER IS REPORTING THAT New Brunswick will return more than $3 million in tobacco fuel and taxes collected from Tobique First Nation members.
Gleaner Life originally began working with ECM integrator ImageSoft to implement the OnBase ECM platform from Hyland Software to manage an influx of new business paperwork, e-mail and faxes.
While Murray only gestures toward this economic dependence in "On the Equality of the Sexes," it is of central concern to the text for which Murray was most famous in her own lifetime, the series of essays she wrote as The Gleaner. These essays, I argue, consistently evidence Murray's apprehension of the dependencies of the commercial marketplace and of the fundamental changes to the social world--one in which a Boston woman has greater access to global goods but also a more remote relationship to these goods and those who manufacture them.