glean from (something)

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glean from (something)

1. To take that which has been left behind, usually grain remaining after a harvest. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." How much grain were you able to glean from the fields today?
2. To learn something from a particular source, often secondhand or piecemeal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." I missed the meeting yesterday, so tell me what you were able to glean from his presentation. What have you been able to glean from the rumors going around?
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glean something from something

1. Lit. to gather the leftovers of something from something; to gather the ears of grain left in a field after a harvest. The poor people gleaned their entire living from what was left in the fields. We will have to go out and glean something from the fields.
2. and glean something from someone Fig. to figure something out from bits of gossip. I was able to glean some important news from Tommy. Tell me the news you gleaned from the people in town.
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glean from

1. To learn something or figure something out using some information gathered bit by bit: We were able to glean information about their past from the conversation we overheard. I gleaned from these various articles that there was serious trouble brewing in the government.
2. To gather grain left behind by reapers: The farmers have gleaned their final harvests from their fields of wheat.
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References in classic literature ?
Her speech was frank, but incoherent, and all he gleaned from it was that the event, whatever it was, had happened years before.
But what all England did not know De Vac had gleaned from scraps of conversation dropped in the armory: that Henry was even now negotiating with the leaders of foreign mercenaries, and with Louis IX of France, for a sufficient force of knights and menat-arms to wage a relentless war upon his own barons that he might effectively put a stop to all future interference by them with the royal prerogative of the Plantagenets to misrule England.
These two brothers had been brought up together in a school at Exeter; and, being accustomed to go home once a week, had often heard, from their mother's lips, long accounts of their father's sufferings in his days of poverty, and of their deceased uncle's importance in his days of affluence: which recitals produced a very different impression on the two: for, while the younger, who was of a timid and retiring disposition, gleaned from thence nothing but forewarnings to shun the great world and attach himself to the quiet routine of a country life, Ralph, the elder, deduced from the often- repeated tale the two great morals that riches are the only true source of happiness and power, and that it is lawful and just to compass their acquisition by all means short of felony.
It could scarcely be called a trade, in spite of his favourite description of himself as "a honest tradesman." His stock consisted of a wooden stool, made out of a broken-backed chair cut down, which stool, young Jerry, walking at his father's side, carried every morning to beneath the banking-house window that was nearest Temple Bar: where, with the addition of the first handful of straw that could be gleaned from any passing vehicle to keep the cold and wet from the odd-job-man's feet, it formed the encampment for the day.
'The Signatures of Time': binding signatures of time are fading footprints/tracking across wind blown desert floors,//newspapers whipping down cold, empty streets/split apart, become wings sailing light stingrays/swimming through wash of an emerald sea,//history is moments gleaned from unsorted stacks/holding facts, voices steamed clean as mussels/on a plat, disintegrating on worn tapes,/splintering on spools in old tape recorders,//like photos fading out in yellowing newspapers
From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West reconstructs Beckwourth's life from civil records, known historical details, and information gleaned from Beckwourth's own autobiography.
Oh, and a hell of a big carpet snake that lives in the roof." Claire's philosophy, gleaned from a pit toilet, is that "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'Woo-hoo, what a ride!'" A few photos, several boyfriends, lots of beer, a brief glossary of climbing terms, and scattered obscenities included.
This issue of American Music Teacher highlights some of the practical and theoretical insights gleaned from the day's sessions.
Data collected from 380 random-number studies gleaned from journals, conference proceedings and reports, dissertations, and book chapters were analyzed by psychologist Holger Bosch of University Hospital Freiberg in Germany and his colleagues.
Considering developmental theories and information gleaned from previous wars is helpful in establishing best practice methods for counseling adolescents during times of current and future international conflict.
Additionally, the information gleaned from our device must be accurate and actionable without causing false positives or negatives.
In addition to the shockingly dark and funny stories, all gleaned from the authors' case files, A Woman's Guide to Revenge is filled with tips of professional expertise concerning how to spot a cheating lover, what legal steps one can take, and when to hire a private investigator.
The study includes executives based in a wide variety of industries throughout North America and Europe and insight gleaned from top executives at conferences held recently by The Conference Board.
Using extracts from the DSAMS and DSCA 000 systems, and information gleaned from manufacturer records, as well as previous in-country inspections and delivery records, the EUM Program Management (PM) office at DSCA Headquarters incrementally populates the SCIP EUM database with item-level detail on the various defense articles included under this program.
More importantly, agents have knowledge gleaned from their own travel experiences and the experiences of their clients, which can be invaluable when planning a trip.