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glean from (something)

1. To take that which has been left behind, usually grain remaining after a harvest. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." How much grain were you able to glean from the fields today?
2. To learn something from a particular source, often secondhand or piecemeal. A noun or pronoun can be used between "glean" and "from." I missed the meeting yesterday, so tell me what you were able to glean from his presentation. What have you been able to glean from the rumors going around?
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glean something from something

1. Lit. to gather the leftovers of something from something; to gather the ears of grain left in a field after a harvest. The poor people gleaned their entire living from what was left in the fields. We will have to go out and glean something from the fields.
2. and glean something from someone Fig. to figure something out from bits of gossip. I was able to glean some important news from Tommy. Tell me the news you gleaned from the people in town.
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glean from

1. To learn something or figure something out using some information gathered bit by bit: We were able to glean information about their past from the conversation we overheard. I gleaned from these various articles that there was serious trouble brewing in the government.
2. To gather grain left behind by reapers: The farmers have gleaned their final harvests from their fields of wheat.
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The women who gleaned were women who had no social standing, because they didn't have a man to speak for them.
The BPS data is gleaned from both student and institutional rates.
Combining aerial elements of circus with ballet motifs and a modern-dance sensibility gleaned from Nikolais and others, Decoufle with Tricodex creates a hybrid dance-spectacle that is witty inventive, and visually sublime.
The value of the produce that has been gleaned and donated has grown from $35,000 during the program's initial years to about $100,000 last year, Casselberry said.
It found that the sharing of information gleaned from millions of job seekers on these sites has become common and increasingly sophisticated as the sites look for new revenue streams.
In The Box, users will find lots of insider intelligence on finding the ideal rental apartment in New York with insights gleaned from the company's 50-year combined history in the marketplace.
His book blends the personal stories of several landowners and a logger-forester in Oregon and Montana, and the practical advice gleaned from their decades of experience.
I would have liked more detail in the captions, particularly when people are shown, rather than the generalized description the author probably gleaned from the picture.
The author, a film producer and magazine editor with a degree in earth sciences, lists in an ascending order the essential ingredients leading up to human life, using a wealth of scientific data gleaned in the last decade.
The follow-up to McWhorter's Losing the Race--as opposed to his pop-linguistics book, The Power of Babel--Authentically Black suffers from the same shortcoming as Losing the Race, which is to say, Mcwhorter's almost radical inability to meaningfully apply any concepts gleaned from his day-job as a linguist to his sideline as a neo-conservative talking head.
The fact that snake oil actually does have medicinal properties is just one fascinating bit of information to be gleaned from When Healing Becomes a Crime by Bioneers founder Kenny Ausubel (Healing Arts Press, $19.95).
Bradley Jansen, who helped organize a left-right coalition to defend civil liberties after 9/II, were the following: expansions of civil forfeiture that would have allowed the government to take property and money it could not directly link to any alleged crime; plans to share information gleaned from searches of U.S.
Augmenting the physical and cultural contextuality of his work -- his manipulation of topography and often Mediterranean massing -- is a constant, intuitive testing of spatial models gleaned from Wright, Aalto, Mendelsohn, Le Corbusier, and Loos.
Levy of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis selected a sample city--Houston, Texas--to experiment with statistical analysis approaches gleaned from previously published research [EHP 109:1215-1226].