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gleam in (one's) eye

1. A facial expression that denotes happiness, amusement, or knowledge of a secret. Just when Rita thought all hope was lost, Jared got a gleam in his eye that told her he had a plan to get them both out of that sticky situation.
2. A hope or plan that is not yet in existence. You were not even a gleam in your mother's eye when that photo was taken.
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gleam with (something)

To shimmer or twinkle with something. Katie's engagement ring looked especially stunning as it gleamed with sunlight. Lydia's eyes gleamed with emotion as she listened to the toast in her honor.
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gleam with something

to sparkle or shine with something. The crystal goblets gleamed with the sparkling candlelight. The glass gleamed with a bright reflection.
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a twinkle in someone's eye


a gleam in someone's eye

If a plan or project is only a twinkle in or a gleam in someone's eye, it is only at the stage of being considered as a possibility. Projects that a few years back were just a twinkle in the planners' eyes are now bricks and cement. At this point, space-launched weapons were still only a gleam in his eye. Note: You can also talk about a glint in someone's eye. The European central bank was still no more than a glint in its creators' eyes. Note: Words such as gleam, glint and twinkle can be used to describe the way people's eyes shine or reflect the light. They often suggest hidden energy, emotion, or humour and refer to the excitement of having a particular idea before putting it into practice.
See also: eye, twinkle

a gleam (or twinkle) in someone's eye

1 a barely formed idea. 2 a child who has not yet been conceived. humorous
See also: eye, gleam

a twinkle in someone's eye

something that is still in the pre-planning stage and on which no action has yet been taken, especially a child not as yet conceived. informal
See also: eye, twinkle
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We investigated three different cloud solutions namely Deelman's system, Evangelino's system and Dwaning cloud for the evaluation with Gleaming System.
The autobiography covers early childhood under the British flag; manhood's gleam in boyish eyes; in the footsteps of Ajayi Crowther; the gleaming spires of Oxford; home pastures; America and new found lands; West African travels; all Freetown is a stage; books, words, and causes; and twilight and evening bell.
WITH immaculate cabinets, gleaming accessories and shiny pans in neat lines, the Cameron's Downing Street flat looks every inch the modern showhome.
Impression of sunrise, the gleaming red ball of the sun, time stands still on canvas captured as it happens.
Oversized, double-parted, insulated glass windows give expansive rooms a bright luminescence, allowing light to playfully explore the contours of gleaming hardwood floors.
Standing Curve (all works 2005), the largest piece here, appears, from one side, to be a section of a gleaming, four-foot-tall polished stainless steel cylinder.
Milkweed is never attractive, from seedling to gawky senescence, but it produces a yearly miracle: pods full of the most exquisite seeds, beautiful as the best brocade, lying close-lapped in the pod and topped by creamy, gleaming silk.
95): One part Eileen Myles, one part Jack Kerouac, San Francisco writer Katia Noyes's rough-edged but gleaming first novel is a queer road trip to remember.
The new work also indicates that ancient Chinese artisans could have used diamond to work jade into thousands of smooth, gleaming objects, she says.
Barack Obama is a gleaming ray of hope for the failing human condition in America.
They will come when I call, press against woven wire/even though I call them to the gleaming hook.
From robots and androids, to rocket ships and flying saucers, to ray guns and alien worlds, to exotic damsels in distress to gleaming cities of the future, Worlds Of Tomorrow is an impressive and highly recommended work of a specialized American Art History and 20th Century American Popular Culture that is as nostalgic to browse through as it it entertainingly informative.
The first act, art deco in style with black, white, and shining chrome, drew deserved applause when the mirrored walls and barres of the studio magically transformed into a gleaming train.
The B-house Tom Green model, the circus stint in Nashville, performances as a pizza delivery truck driver in Gleaming the Cube, and appearances in Police Academy 4 and The End are all examples to Tony's addiction to mirth and mayhem.