gleam with

gleam with (something)

To shimmer or twinkle with something. Katie's engagement ring looked especially stunning as it gleamed with sunlight. Lydia's eyes gleamed with emotion as she listened to the toast in her honor.
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gleam with something

to sparkle or shine with something. The crystal goblets gleamed with the sparkling candlelight. The glass gleamed with a bright reflection.
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But it was only the heart's/racketing flywheel stuttering I want, I want//until exhaustion, until I was a guest in the yoke/of my body by the last margin of land where the river//mingles with the sea & far off daylight whitens,/a rending & yielding I must kneel before, as//barges loose glittering mineral freight/& behind me facades gleam with pigeons//folding iridescent wings.
The project also involved recasting much of the building's interior cornices, many which now gleam with new gold leafing.
Instead of being immediately confronted by the artifacts of mass culture, we are guided toward an interactive relationship by a set of visual and material cues that signal areas of physical "participation." Two wall-bound boxes gleam with chrome-laminate skins, mirroring our moves as we open the drawers to reveal a few loose dimes in one, and a pair of scissors in the other.