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The Doctor, with a gleam in his eye, reframes the debate: "Now we're in trouble," he deadpans, surrounded by conflagration.
Lee tried to act like bionic man as he gave pals piggyback rides outside the Light Bar, London, with a deranged gleam in his eye, while Simon looked as though he had hypnotic powers when he appeared with two pretty girls on his arm.
Use all the cliches possible, such as "He had a gleam in his eye," or "Her teeth were white as pearls.
Charles, settling himself on the, throne of his cable-access empire, sporting a, lemon-custard jacket, a paisley necktie for a belt, and a gleam in his eye born of more than one martini.
He always seems to have a gleam in his eye, like he knows something you don't.
From a serious health scare to an all-expenses paid trip to Florida so the PGA can honor his generous, gentle spirit, Chesnutt has endured a year of highs and lows, all with that characteristic gleam in his eye.
No matter if he's hopping off a boat into waist-deep water, tromping through shin-deep mud in a storm, hacking through a rain forest with a machete or weathering the pitches of an Amazon River tributary, he'll turn dead on to the camera, a gleam in his eye, and start unspooling his yarn.
Those are the guys who took me to my first World Series,'' he said, a gleam in his eye.
On the other end of the spectrum from natural to mechanical is Rodney Brooks, the MIT robot scientist who smiles with a wild gleam in his eye when describing, say, how watching a group of ants haul a piece of breakfast cereal inspired one of his grander experiments.
Cage, cast as an action hero, uses the crazed gleam in his eye and his unpredictable nervous energy to play against type as a brainy, Beatles-loving chemical weapons whiz who pukes into a sink when he learns the true nature of his dangerous mission.
With the scraggly beard, whirlwind hairdo and vaguely psychotic gleam in his eyes, it's hard to recognize suave soap opera star John McCook.