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glaze over

1. Lit. [for something] to be covered over with a coat of something cloudy or ice. The roads glazed over and became very dangerous. The street is glazed over badly.
2. Fig. [for one's eyes] to assume a dull, bored appearance, signifying an inability to concentrate or a lack of sleep. My eyes glaze over when I hear all those statistics.
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glaze over

1. To cover the surface of something with a glaze or similar substance: We glazed the cake over with chocolate frosting. The pastry chef glazed over doughnuts with hazelnut creme. The road was dangerously glazed over with frost.
2. To come to appear expressionless or lifeless: Her eyes glazed over when we talked about her last book. His expression always glazes over when he gets bored.
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glazed (drunk)

and glazed (over)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has had too much. She’s glazed drunk.
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glazed over

See also: glaze, over


See also: glaze
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Single glazing is perfectly acceptable for garages, outhouses or tool sheds.
2: One part HC 40 (oil); two parts alkyd glazing liquid; one part mineral spirits.
Low construction costs, reduced noise levels, increased comfort and human productivity, availability of day lighting, and HVAC energy savings are some of the major driving forces propelling the growth of the advanced glazing systems market.
Historically, automotive glazing included laminated glass for windscreens and tempered glass for all other windows.
Window element 7,6 mx 1,0 m, fixed glazing and DK-wing;
Other elements include a method of bonding the glazing to the car and a silk-screening technique to apply colors, images, and fade-out effects that can be incorporated into glazing design.
Sidelite: To be the largest application market for polycarbonate glazing by 2021
The food glazing agent market can be segmented on the basis of classification, types, applications, and regions that constitute the key markets.
The entire process is highly structured, starting with the vessel's shape, continuing on to the lengthy glazing combination process and finally mounting the vessel on the rings and bowls.
The results show that with the partial replacement of sucrose with Beneo's functional carbohydrate Palatinose[TM] in glazings or icings, shelf-life and overall product quality can be significantly improved.
To marry his glazing expertise with stimulating shapes could have helped to transform the visual energy of the show.
Sabic Innovative Plastics recently announced new scratch and abrasion evaluation capabilities -- including new methods and processes -- to differentiate, measure, test and prevent surface damage to polycarbonate (PC) glazing for high-performance automotive glazing applications.
GLAZING has come a long, long way in the last 20 years, no longer is simply having double glazing enough to impress.
GETTING new double glazing may not seem the obvious choice when selling your home, but it'll certainly attract buyers.
The rear-facing second bedroom and bathroom have double glazing.