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glazed drunk

Very intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were glazed drunk.
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glazed over

Very intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were glazed over.
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glaze over

1. To coat something with a glaze. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "glaze" and "over." After we take the cake out of the oven, we'll glaze it over.
2. To become covered in something that is shiny and resembles a glaze, often ice. It looks like the street glazed over last night, so be careful out there.
3. To begin to look lifeless or dull. Typically used to describe someone's eyes. Your eyes have glazed over—did you work another 18-hour shift today?
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glaze over

1. Lit. [for something] to be covered over with a coat of something cloudy or ice. The roads glazed over and became very dangerous. The street is glazed over badly.
2. Fig. [for one's eyes] to assume a dull, bored appearance, signifying an inability to concentrate or a lack of sleep. My eyes glaze over when I hear all those statistics.
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glaze over

1. To cover the surface of something with a glaze or similar substance: We glazed the cake over with chocolate frosting. The pastry chef glazed over doughnuts with hazelnut creme. The road was dangerously glazed over with frost.
2. To come to appear expressionless or lifeless: Her eyes glazed over when we talked about her last book. His expression always glazes over when he gets bored.
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glazed (drunk)

and glazed (over)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has had too much. She’s glazed drunk.
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glazed over

See also: glaze, over


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Does the recommended clay and glaze temperature/cone match?
Oil-based glazes are mixed from linseed oil and white spirit into a mix known as "scumble".
Try the sponge-applied, parchment glaze that we show here.
Typically crystals are formed in fluid glazes with low alumina content.
Glaze manufacturers have used these same encapsulated materials to create higher fire glazes at cone 4 to 6.
The two new offerings are the Americas range of Cajun Glaze, Southern Style Crispy Coater and Mexican Chilli Glaze, and the Oriental range consisting of Thai Glaze, Chinese Glaze, Sweet & Sour Glaze and Sweet Chilli & Lime.
Spread glaze over ham 20 minutes before end of baking time.
After glazing, you may either fire at a low temperature to set the color and then do a clear, shiny overglaze and fire again (check the directions on your particular clay and glazes to determine firing temperature); or you may overglaze directly over the initial color underglazes.
The volcanic glazes serve both as a reflection of geological processes, as well as a reference to the sandstone ridges of the coast of Israel, locally named Kurkar.
Most manufacturers are now creating more low-fire and mid-range glazes for electric kilns that simulate the effect of a higher-fire, gas-reduction firing.
Spoon some of glaze on top of ham during last hour of baking time and then again 1/2 hour before end of baking.
Aside from listing many glaze formulas, including instructions for mixing, application and firing, Britt gives the potter a complete guide to duplicating the glazes, particulars not often found in other books.
SPEEDBALL[R], manufacturer of quality artist's materials for over 100 years, is introducing a line of ceramic glazes where every color and every glaze or underglaze is completely non-toxic and safe.
Juarez, and virtually everyone else in this village in the western state of Oaxaca, uses lead monoxide to prepare the glazes that give a warm green shade and high shine to its distinctive plates and bowls.
The glazes can also be altered or changed during the process, producing gorgeous glaze effects.