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glaze over

1. Lit. [for something] to be covered over with a coat of something cloudy or ice. The roads glazed over and became very dangerous. The street is glazed over badly.
2. Fig. [for one's eyes] to assume a dull, bored appearance, signifying an inability to concentrate or a lack of sleep. My eyes glaze over when I hear all those statistics.
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glaze over

1. To cover the surface of something with a glaze or similar substance: We glazed the cake over with chocolate frosting. The pastry chef glazed over doughnuts with hazelnut creme. The road was dangerously glazed over with frost.
2. To come to appear expressionless or lifeless: Her eyes glazed over when we talked about her last book. His expression always glazes over when he gets bored.
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glazed (drunk)

and glazed (over)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has had too much. She’s glazed drunk.
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glazed over

See also: glaze, over


See also: glaze
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One area of potential error occurs when writing or describing glazes by their popular names.
Because the test tiles take up so little space on the shelf, it's easy to check out new glazes.
The test result of glazes formulated from Erusu clay with Ijero feldspar combined with Ifon iron oxide fired at 1186[degrees]C shows that samples 74, 90, 92, 93, 94, 95, 98 and 99 were glossy with brownish colours; while samples 74, 92 and 95 have greenish patches on their surfaces.
But this variable quality ore can also produce a beautiful mottled opalescent surface in glazes.
With time and use, the lead leaches out of the glaze into the food.
We used a variety of colors and applied the glazes rather freely.
Some glazes still remain soft and will smudge when rubbed if only fired to 1382[degrees]F, while others are just fine.
The two glazes represent snapshots of geological processes: The volcanic is a frozen moment of the magma boiling underneath the Earth's crust.
Does the recommended clay and glaze temperature/cone match?
It's the same glaze you nd on Jian ware teabowls, which were much in demand during the Song Dynasty, the black contrasting well with the light colour of the whisked tea that was drunk from them.
Whether you're looking for fresh ideas, expanding your palette or exploring new techniques, Glazes and Glazing Finishing Techniques provides a wealth of information, instruction and inspiration you'll be able to use for years to come.
We know everyone loves our crunchy sweet glaze and that some people even fight over the highly-prized end cuts," says Richard Gore, Vice President, HoneyBaked Ham California.
Fire up your creativity with new ceramic glazes from Speedball
Other products in the studio line include metallic glazes, available in gold, copper, silver, bronze and pearlescent; latex texture-sand finish, which can be tinted with Benjamin Moore Color Preview colorants or top coated with a glaze mixture; chalkboard paint; glitter effect and glow-in-the-dark paint.
Zeelandia is extending its new range of glazes with the introduction of a new egg replacement glaze, designed specifically for the industrial user--Ovex Ezimix Cold Ind.